Dasha Predictions
par-excellence. You will earn a lot of love and admiration of your work too.
In case, you are in service, be careful of not taking extra advantage of your position or
situation. In general, this period does not indicate any danger. As a student, you may not
be serious about your studies till the exams or competition will come on your head. At last
moment, you would like to take up studies vigorously, which could cost you health wise.
On the whole, family atmosphere will be normal but the health of some one in the family
may cause worry to you.
16/07/2020 - 14/07/2021 in this period you will be under
Influence of Mer (Mahadasha) and Mar (Antardasha)
During this period, you will be more aggressive and rash in your approach. Whenever, you
face problems of your own doing only then you realise what should be done actually. If
you give a second thought, then your a lot of problems may be solved. As a businessman,
you will become quite shrewd in your approach but at times commits blunder too.
Monetarily, this is not a bad period, but try to handle it nicely so you do not have to repent
later on.
In case, you are in service, then try to concentrate on your work and do not take
advantage of your situation, because this your very act may land you up into troubles. This
is not the right period to switch over to another job. As a student, you are required to put
your best efforts to get the desired results. A lack of hard work and labour may be
resultant negatively. On the domestic front, you may not find peace and happiness. The
health of some one may create problems for you too.
14/07/2021 - 31/01/2024 in this period you will be under
Influence of Mer (Mahadasha) and Rah (Antardasha)
On the whole, this is going to be a good period for you. But at times, you may after
illusionary plans, which has no base altogether. The irony would be that inspite of sincere
advises of your well-wishers, you will not able to exercise any control on your vague
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