Lagna Phal and Effects of Planets
children.Jupiter makes you fond of physical pleasures. There is birth of brothers. You will
enjoy fame and happiness. Your brothers will achieve high positions. You are said to be
fortunate. You will acquire as much wealth as you wish.
Jupiter in Scorpio: You will take true interest in the shastras. You are a competent worker.
You will be a good advisor and will be religious.
Influence of planet Venus
Master of the 2nd and 9th house, Venus in 12th house indicates that you are very daring
and proud. You are good in politics. You will get unhappiness from your children. You
may visit foreign countries. You will have some bad associates. You could also earn your
living in foreign countries. You are victorious and have the knowledge of tactics in wars.
You waste a lot of money on luxuries and pleasures. You will waste your money on bad
habits. You are very wise and good-looking. Sometimes your spouse will possess an
angry temperament and will be quarrelsome. You've a tense relationship with your spouse.
You will have good relations with opposite sex. You even favour your opponents.
Venus in 12th house indicates you like justice. You are luxurious and a bit lazy. You are
attracted to the opposite sex. You are a moderate eater. You will defeat your enemies by
your tactful deeds. You are clever. You may destroy your honour due to your luxurious
habits. You will have more daughters than sons. You will decrease your fame in society
and your family. You will most probably be a poet. You are wise and interested in arts.
You are a self made man. You will be very famous and have many sources of earning
money. Venus
shows happiness and enjoyment, increased wealth but increased
expenditure also. There will be loss of relations. You will have sinful tendencies. You have
a tendency to put on weight.
Venus in Leo: You will be helpful to others. You will be very worried. You will be fond of
arts and will acquire knowledge of crafts.
Influence of planet Saturn
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