Lagna Phal and Effects of Planets
Master of 5th and 6th house, Saturn in 2nd house indicates you are crafty and acquire
knowledge of many types of arts. You feel some deficiency and irregularity in taking your
daily meals. Sometimes you feel very anxious about your occupation. You are very clever.
Saturn in 2nd house indicates you collect wealth and live at good places. You will feel
some restlessness and there may be some prolonged diseases. You will have few
offsprings. There may be some delay in marriage. You may get gains in the northern
directions. You may suffer from stomach troubles. You are hot tempered. You will have
many friends. You may enjoy paternal properties. You will enjoy a lot of wealth. You will
possess good knowledge of poetry or songs. You get progress but with many hindrances.
You are wise and are always eager to add to your knowledge. You rise as a great
intellectual. You acquire high name in arts and sciences. You are extremely daring and
acquire high fame in foreign countries. You are very famous in your family and community.
You are somewhat harsh in your speech. You will acquire a high post. Your children will
enjoy your property. You may have a dispute over paternal property. You are fond of
luxury and enjoyments. You are an expert in arguments. You have immense wealth. But
get blows in the later part of your life.
Saturn in 2nd house indicates you will most probably be dumb. Your spouse may get dog
bites and will have sickness. You may suffer from eye troubles. There will be hindrances
and obstacles in acquiring education. You will have quarrels with the opposite sex.
Sometimes you get financial troubles and worries. You will be very good at flattering.
Your teeth may be long and ugly. You are fond of spicy foods and like to take wine, fish
and meat. Saturn also causes evil and criminal tendencies, misery, loss of wealth and
health. You are attracted to the opposite sex. You may not be very good-looking. You
will visit foreign countries and will earn wealth and enjoy many comforts. You may be
separated from your family and will live far from your native place. You will have enough
wealth. You will not be liked by people in high places.
Saturn in Libra: You will head many projects. Your speech is impressive. You are
intelligent. You acquire fame. You are self-respected and progress by your intellectual
deeds. You will enjoy royal favours.
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