Lalkitab Effects of Planets
Influence of planet Mars
The position of Mars in the 12th house of your Horoscope shows that you get divine help
in times of trouble. The thinking of your spouse and yours will differ. There may be some
false rumours about you. There are chances of some eye trouble. You spend your wealth
in good deeds. There are chances of getting your hands hurt, hence be careful.
1. Take a little honey, the first thing in the morning, without brushing your teeth.
2. Do offer something in the temple on Tuesdays.
3. Do not keep blunt knives and weapons in the house.
4. By donating sweets, you can avoid troubles.
Influence of planet Mercury
The position of Mercury in the 1st house of your Horoscope shows that you are interested
in astrology. You are an expert in business. You remain safe even among your enemies.
You have the ability to change your thinking. You have a polite language and an attractive
personality. You are an expert in conversation.
1. Brush your teeth with alum powder.
2. Help unmarried girls.
3. Being a vegetarian will help you.
4. The colour green is not good for you, hence avoid using it.
Influence of planet Jupiter
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