Lalkitab Effects of Planets
Due to the position of Saturn in the 2nd house of your Horoscope, you will not gain much
benefit from your family’s fortune, children and in-laws. You will have a harsh speech.
You are intelligent but you will not be able to use the intelligence fully in good deeds. You
will be inclined towards spirituality. You will be zealous to gain respect from your family.
Sometimes, you may have thoughts of renouncing everything. You will gain from land and
1. Feed the snakes with milk.
2. Apply the tilak of milk on your forehead.
3. Visit the temples regularly.
Influence of planet Rahu
Due to the position of Rahu in the 9th house of your kundi, you will have faith on your
religion independently. You will not let religious restrictions overcome you. You will
behave as you want, due to which your name can get tarnished. There may be some
obstacles in childbirth. The position of Rahu can effect your in-laws and elders. Insulting
your elders can prove harmful to you. You may waste your money. Helping your brothers
and sisters can increase your luck. There may be obstructions on going to pilgrimage.
Foreign countries and foreigners can be fortunate to you.
1. Maintain good relations with your brothers and sisters.
2. Have interest in charity. Maintain a good behaviour.
3. Feed the birds.
4. Apply saffron tilak on forehead.
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