Life Analysis
happiness from them. Compared to your brothers, your sisters will have more love
towards you and so will you towards them.
Expenses, Residence etc
At the time of your birth the Leo rasi is rising in the twelfth house of your horoscope. The
ruling planet of this rasi is Sun. Sun being the lord of twelfth house is situated in the First
house of your horoscope due to which it is producing its good results. You will usually
spend your money and energy in performing good deeds. You will spend your money
even for the betterment of the society and in religious works. You will have a desire of
visiting religious place and good tourist spots and will spend your money on these too as
per opportunity. You will try to be economical in life and will avoid purchasing
unnecessary things. You will keep a limit over your desires due to which the chances of
unnecessary expenses are less. You will not have any huge expenditure in life and also the
chances of getting involved in disputes and hurdles are less. You will take any loans in life.
Even if you do so, you will quickly repay it. You will not have to change your residence
frequently in life. Even if you change your residence, you will reside in a good place. You
will be curious in matters related to spiritualism and will have complete devotion towards
God. You may also perform meditation, worship etc in these matters.
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