Nakshatra Phal
7 5(
This means, these natives always keep themselves busy in dedication towards Brahmins
and the God. They are loved by their friends and relatives. They are very rich also.
The other volume named "Maansagari", has described these features through the following
couplet: -
6 7
8 (& ' /
$ .
1 %
$ .( & ( 5 *(
. " (! 4%
% & ('2 #
This means, the Libra natives lose their temper occasionally, and are sadists. They speak
very politely and softly and posses temporary wealth. They are very bold and strong in
their house, but they are very weak outside. They are devoted to the God and love their
friends. They stay abroad and are admired by their friends.
In an another literary composition of astrology named "Saarawali", some more features
have been described through the following couplet: -
% -
. /
$% &' %( &' )
" &' 0
*(+ *
This means, these natives posses long nose, big eyes, long face and a slim body. They
acquire land and vehicles. Such natives keep knowledge of valour. They are the masters
of their own job. They keep an attitude of respect and regard towards Brahmins and God.
They are very majestic. The male natives get defeated and dominated by the ladies. The
Libra natives generally oblige their friends and companions. They keep a habit of
collection. Such natives are destitute of corporal form.
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