pertains to mother and children. In such
Sadesati Detail
a situation, you get affected by insanity,
moroseness and excess of short temperedness. It is very painful for you to stay at home,
rather you enjoy staying away. There is increase in wastage and exhaustion of
accumulated money also. During this period, there are possibilities of indulging in some
drug addiction. Your behaviour turns wicked, bitter and full of lies, which results in friction
among the family members, and so you may have to stay away from home. Friends also
start betraying and situation of demotion in service or getting transferred also arises. You
have to face difficulties and hurdles in every field. You remain dissatisfied with your
fortune. There is lackness in the delight from mother and maternals and the mother face
problems. In such a time, you can earn handsomely, if you go away from home. You also
develop relations with the people of low birth. You should be very careful as there are
chances of getting injured also. There may be some throat disease due to irregularity in
taking meals. In such a time, you generally leave your work incomplete and there is
possibility of sickness of life partner also. During this period, you do not respect anybody,
but may find success in the field of writing. You do not maintain preceding relations with
father. Expenses increase excessively in the house and you may have to face danger due
to your foolishness.
Your second phase of Saade Saati begins with the transit of Saturn into the Libra sign. In
the second phase, Saturn remains in the Libra sign of its friendly planet. Here Saturn is
positioned in Lagna while ruling the fourth and the fifth house. The fourth and the fifth
house pertains to mother and children. Saturn remains at the highest state after transaction
into the Libra sign. In such a situation, you receive respect, glory etc. You remain healthy
and incline towards recreation. You earn fame in the society and deserve love but you turn
reserved. You also become perfect in activities, intelligent, learned and theist, and develop
interest in religion and worships. You also participate in auspicious occasion and get
opportunity for pilgrimage also. In such a time, your interest develops in the field of art and
music. You find success in the field of education. You are blessed with a child. You
acquire glory, vehicle, servants and all comforts of life, through your own efforts. This is
the proper time for making a house or inheriting a parental property.
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