Varsh Phal
circle will widen. However, this is not a good period for love and romance. Quarrel or
enmity with sweetheart is possible. Your expenditure will rise unexpectedly. Travelling will
not be of much use. There are chances of getting involved in risky jobs. Probably this is
not the right period to take risks. Minor health problems could also be possible.
17/02/2012-18/04/2012 in this period you will be under Ven
Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Ven is in house no.12
During this period, you will spend money on luxuries and comforts. Conjugal happiness of
high order will be there. It would be better to do all this within limitations, other wise
instead of enjoying you may run into trouble. A minor health ailment could disturb your
peace of mind. Be slow in love affairs. Your opponents and adversaries will try to do you
harm. You will tend to feel unconcerned but are advised to do so. Financially, this is not a
bad period but expenses should be checked. The health of a family member may cause
some anxiety.
18/04/2012-06/05/2012 in this period you will be under Sun
Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Sun is in house no.11
Your desires and ambitions will be fulfilled during this period. You will receive great help
from your friends and relatives. This is the best time to enter into deals that will work out in
your favour. You may get huge profits from your contracts and agreements. For love and
romance, this is a very favourable period. A marked increase in your income is indicated.
Long distance travels will prove to be successful and fruitful.
06/05/2012-05/06/2012 in this period you will be under Mon
Varshdasha and in the Varshlagna Mon is in house no.4
This will prove to be a very good period. You will be very comfortable and may also
spend on luxurious items. Your relationship with your parents will be very cordial. If you
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