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Date of Birth:January 01,1980 00:00:00Hr.

Date of Birth:Feburary 07,1982 03:10:00Hr

Match Analysis
Varan Match Analysis

The boy's varan is Vaishya, while the girl comes under Brahmin varan. They may have strong or weak conflicts of interests but this sort of union will make the partners less amiable than they normally are. The boy may be too critical at times and could loose his temper at her. She may feel superior to him in certain respects. A close of ego could be seen in this union. She will be hard working and labourious. She will take keen interest in domestic affairs. But, the boy may be stingy to comfort her, which could cause slight resentment. However, other gunas are matched well, then this alliance may be taken into consideration.

Vaishya Match Analysis

The boy's vashya is Chatushpad, while the girl belongs to Jalchar vashya. There will be fair chances of compatibility as far as vashya gunas are concerned. The boy will energise and encourage the girl into greater self- confidence and constructive action. The girl, in turn, will soothe and calm the boy and provide a base of operation or home for work and activity. This combination is helpful for any mutual endeavours requiring energy, courage and determination.

Tara Match Analysis

The boy's tara is Ksheme, while the girl comes under Vadh tara. This combination indicates that the boy will be more sensible and calm to understand the psychic personality of the girl while, she may err to live up to the mark. This basic difference of nature may cause some hustles at times. In the midst of adverse situations, the girl may feel jittery, wherever, the boy will be the picture of confidence on the whole, this is a good combination, still overall compatibility has to be there.

Yoni Match Analysis

The boy's yoni is Sarp and the girl comes under Mesh yoni. Strongly compatible as he will fall for her charm and ingenuity and she will find his go-gether attitude very admirable. They are both achievement, conscious and will push each other up the ladder of success. They are not hyper sensitive and can accept each other's faults with understanding. They work together or choose seperate paths or carreers without any trouble, like wise. They will be able to smooth out any rough spots in their relationships.Sexually, it is satisfying union.

Griha Match Analysis

The boy's rasi lord is Venus and the girl comes under the Moon's lordship. Natives with this combination are likely to have a hard time understanding each other's moods and feelings and expressing real sympathy and understanding. They are likely to experience emotional miSunderstandings and confusion in marital relationship. The boy may feel that the girl is moody and does not understand his points of view. In turn, she will regard the boy lazy and self- centred. However, one can go for this alliance, if other gunas are matched well.

Gan Match Analysis

The boy and the girl both belongs to Dev gan. Will cohabitate peacefully and quietly. Both are calm and intelligent enough to do whatever is practical and necessary they will also understand each other's view points on religion, philosophy, higher education, culture and travel. This is an excellent combination for family and domestic relationships. The natives will confide in each other about their inner emotional feelings and spiritual aspirations. They will have a beneficial influence on each other's sense of timing and organization.

Bhakoot Match Analysis

The boy's bhakoot rasi is Vrish and the girl comes under Kark bhakoot. This is one of the best combinations as far as bhakoot compatibility is concerned. These two partners will work most constructively together. She is a happy and competent homemaker, while he is the great strategist that she will immensely proud of. The girl could get the enchanting boy to settle-down nicely and he will adore her industry and persimony. They will be constantly discovering desirable qualities in each other and their marriage will be rewarding fulfilling and financially auspicious.

Nadi Match Analysis

The boy and the girl both comes under Madhya nadi. This is not a good combination as far as nadi compatibility is concerned. There could be a danger of ill-health to one or both of the natives. They will find it difficult to adjust with each other's moods and feelings. At times, both parties may feel, that they are poles apart as far as common thinking is concerned. An element of distrust may also prevailed in their relationships.