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-According to Indian Astrology, Gemini traits are Adaptable and versatile, Communicative and witty, Intellectual and eloquent, Youthful and lively. Gemini, the sign of the Twins, is dual-natured, elusive, complex and contradictory. On the one hand it produces the virtue of versatility and on the other the vices of two-facedness and flightiness. The sign is linked with Mercury, the planet of childhood and youth, and its subjects tend to have the graces and faults of the young. When they are good, they are very attractive; when they are bad they are more the worse for being the charmers they are. Like children they are lively, and happy, if circumstances are right for them, or egocentric, imaginative and restless. 

Daily Horoscope for December 16 ,2018
This is an advantageous day for those appearing in exams, interviews and competitions. Despite of the prevailing differences you would find your partner to be co-operative. Filter the waste and move ahead with productive things that can ladder you up. Students need to work hard. Some unforeseen expenses are likely to make you suffer from stress.
Daily Horoscope for December 17 ,2018
Theoretical knowledge coupled with practical experience would enhance career prospects. Inflow of money would keep you satisfied. You may plan to purchase some article of luxury and comforts. On domestic front you should make efforts to revive old contacts and relations. Perhaps your romantic partner seeks a firm commitment in the relationship.
Daily Horoscope for December 18 ,2018
You should avoid indulging in arguments at work place. Those in business might experience some ups and downs. This is a high time for making sensible investments. Your domestic life would be peaceful and a shopping spree is likely to lifts your spirits. There are possibilities that a free and frank discussion might enhance the richness of romance.
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