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According to Indian Astrology, Pisces traits are Imaginative and sensitive, Compassionate and kind, Selfless and unworldly, Intuitive and sympathetic. Pisceans possess a gentle, patient, malleable nature. They have many generous qualities and are friendly, good natured, kind and compassionate, sensitive to the feelings of those around them, and respond with the utmost sympathy and tact to any suffering they encounter. They are deservedly popular with all kinds of people, partly because their easygoing, affectionate, submissive natures offer no threat or challenge to stronger and more exuberant characters. 
Daily Horoscope for December 16 ,2018
This is a bright day from the professional viewpoint. Developing new contacts would help you in career enhancement. Your strong financial health would encourage you to make a couple of lucrative investments. You would be enjoying the company of your family in the evening. This is the high time to let your romantic partner feel that you care for her/him.
Daily Horoscope for December 17 ,2018
This is a favourable day and there are chances of successfully clinching a big financial deal. Your health would be fine. Some of you would be purchasing articles of luxury and comforts. Avoid raising controversial issues. Relaxing in the company of family members would make you happy. However you need to spend money within limits.
Daily Horoscope for December 18 ,2018
A careful planning with a right opportunity would enable you to realise your professional dreams. Time spent with family brings happiness. Inflow of money would be to your expectations. Avoid promising more than you can deliver, otherwise, it will put unnecessary pressure on health. Efforts to cement romantic bonds fall short of expectations.
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