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Name: Sex:Male Date of Birth:January 01,1980 00:00:00Hr.
Place:Delhi,Delhi,India Latitude:028.40.N Longitude:077.13.E
Shodash Varga Table

Asc Sun Mon Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat Rah Ket
Lagna Chart Leo Cap Cap Sag Cap Sag Sag Sag Vir Pis
Hora Can Can Leo Can Leo Leo Leo Can Can Can
Dreshkana Ari Tau Tau Ari Tau Sag Sag Ari Vir Pis
Chaturthamsa Tau Ari Can Gem Can Sag Pis Gem Vir Pis
Saptamsa Cap Lib Sco Ari Lib Sag Aqu Ari Pis Vir
Navamsa Sco Tau Gem Vir Tau Ari Gem Vir Cap Can
Dasamsa Ari Cap Pis Tau Aqu Sag Aqu Gem Tau Sco
Dwadasamsa Gem Gem Leo Can Can Sag Pis Can Vir Pis
Shodasamsa Vir Sco Aqu Vir Sag Sag Ari Lib Cap Cap
Vimsamsa Ari Cap Tau Can Aqu Leo Cap Leo Vir Vir
Chaturvimsamsa Ari Gem Lib Lib Can Vir Aqu Sco Leo Leo
Saptavimsamsa Aqu Leo Sag Can Vir Tau Sco Vir Vir Pis
Trimsamsa Lib Pis Pis Sag Pis Ari Aqu Gem Tau Tau
Khavedamsa Cap Tau Sag Pis Can Tau Pis Tau Cap Cap
Akshavedamsa Vir Cap Vir Aqu Pis Cap Sag Tau Pis Pis
Shastiamsa Lib Gem Ari Sco Leo Aqu Tau Aqu Cap Can


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