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Date of Birth:January 01,1980 00:00:00Hr.
General characteristics & influence of Planet
Your ascendent (lagan) is Leo
You are born in Leo ascendent Leo is the 5th sign of the feary triplicity. You have an impressive personality. You will have light hair , large and round face your complexion will be ruddy. You are a confident and an active competeter in sports. You are courteous and ambitious. You may be short tempered and will live far from mother. Most of you have a prominent forehead. You have an impressive dignified and royal personality. You will enjoy much with friends and relatives. You are the head of the project,and command people. You are very open and frank. You are very firm in your thoughts. You posses an angry temperament .You are fond of arts and music you are very confident of your ability. You have few children. You like your parents .You are fond of different trends. You enjoy good respect in govt and society. You are fond of research you are stable in your thoughts you should not be a victim of flattery. You are romantic and cheer your partner very skillfully. You are an ideal lover and may be carried away by love. You are very passionate and enjoy many comforts of life. Your home will be very impressive and you will lead an aristocratic life. You will have royal friends. You will enjoy honour and respect in family and society. You will enjoy high governmental favours. As you were born in this nakshatra you will be prosperous, learned, intelligent and will be fond of music, astrology and arithmetic. You will have a strong power of intuition. You will have an attractive and liberal minded spouse. The 9th and 24th years of your life are favourable.

Influence of planet Sun
Master of the lagn,Sun in the 6th house indicates you will be strong,rich and healthy. You defeat your rivals,do good deeds. You are careful with your money. You have influence but get both perplexities and dullness in your life and some insipidness on the side of maternal grandfather. You spend much and do not care for hindrances or troubles. You may suffer from cholera. You can rise to a high position due to your hard work and labour. You will get fame,wounds on the head and will have a good reputation. You have the determination to win over your enemies. You will get help from the government. You will have giddiness, rheumatism and liver complaints and will be nervous. You will be wealthy and famous. You will have good health, will be virtuous, courageous, self esteemed and will be successful in undertakings. Sometimes you are a bit quarrelsome. You are very talkative.Your mind is wavering and you are a bit greedy. You will be competent in business.
Influence of planet Mon
Master of the 12th house,Moon in the 6th house indicates that you will have bad associates. You will get some sort of bondage in your mind. You get mentally fatigued. You are able to solve very intricate problems tactfully. You cannot economise even after trying to control your expenditure. You get your work done by others very politely and calmly. You may get some deficiency in the house of maternal grandfather's family. Your expenses will mount up because of ill health. You may lack contacts and influence. Your enemies will try to tarnish your image. You will suffer from ill health. You may have skin diseases,bronchitis, stomach problems, nervous complaints, dysentery,dyspepsia or colic pains. Your mother too will have ill health. You will get favours from the govt. There will be pressure from your creditors and enemies. You will be afraid and anxious. You may lose your wealth. Moon in Capricorn: you will be of medium stature, lean, having a slender waist, fine eyes and a black mole on your neck. You will be affectionate towards your children and spouse. You are quick in grasping matters. You will be attached to low class people. You are very shy. The 9th and15th hindu "tithis" are inauspicious for you, whereas saturdays are lucky days for you. You are sympathetic, slow,cautious, self centered and quarrelsome.
Influence of planet Mar
Master of the 4th and 9th house Mars in the 5th house indicates you are helpful to your mother, have influential children, pay respect to parents and elders, are religious, get famous from govt and society and enjoy parental property. You will have lot of wealth and honour, hold the power of land and property, get the greatness of mother, enjoy goodness, get solemn peace and happiness and the conjunction of some insipidity in the line of business and assume some dissatisfaction in govt and society. You gain much through the importance of destiny, acquire education happily, get the greatness of children, have hotness and mildness in your intelligence and acquire the qualities of your mother. You want peace, get the happiness of age, understand religion and have knowledge of secret sciences. You are peevish,lose on account of gambling or speculations.Your mother falls sick often,your off springs face danger and such a Mars may cause loss or ill health to children, unhappiness, set backs. Mars in saggitarious: you are hard hearted,daring,laborious, and somewhat dependent.
Influence of planet Mer
Master of the 2nd and 11th house,Mercury in the 6th house indicates that you will win over your rivals. You will gain from dealings in land. You like to save. You will travel a lot. You will suffer due to ill health. There will be an will be increase in wealth but you are a spend thrift. You will face difficulties in respect of ready cash .You will face opposition from rivals. You are faced with troublesome and deceitful servants. Your education faces hinderances. Mother suffers loss of money or riches. You suffer from emotional and nervous complaints. You are idle, harsh, loose wealth through enemies, are unhealthy, and your maternal uncle has ill health all due to mercury. You are lazy. You have some inimical relations with others. You are fearful and sometimes you may refrain from speaking the truth. There will be deficiency in family happiness.

Influence of planet Jup
Master of the 5th and 8th house Jupiter in 5th house (its own house)indicates you'll have influential children,good health and wisdom. You earn respect. You win honours from the government. You have a good memory. Your children may bring you unhappiness. You desire to become wealthy. You command people by your words. You gain from foreign countries. You are successful in educational ventures. You are strong minded. You are speculative and may gain from speculations. You are intelligent and gain favours from govt. You gain through your sons. You will be fond of betting. You may not get happiness from your maternal uncle. Jupiter indicates virtuous acts, respect, wise counsels, position of command and increase in wealth. You are a good thinker, orator and writer. You will be famous for your intelligence and education. You will enjoy governments favours and will be popular. You will be ahead in religion, be proud clever and fond of pleasures.

Influence of planet Ven
Master of the 3rd and 10th house, Venus in the 5th house indicates that you will have a long life. You are good looking and religious. You are helpful to the needy. You will enjoy many comforts. You are famous and respected. Your children will be good looking, influential and active. You will be very wealthy. You are always smiling and happy. You are virtuous and very fortunate you will do grand deeds and get favours from your employers. You are competent in music and art. You are very wise and diplomatic. You can be a good teacher. You will earn by honourable means. You will know people at high positions. You may face some unhappiness from your mother and children. You have a good physique and will be successful in artistic ventures. Venus in 5th house indicates that you will be very educated.You will acquire huge wealth. You will acquire high honours and fame in govt and society. You are attracted to the opposite sex. You will get happiness from children. You will enjoy wealth and live in luxury. You are famous for your judgement. You will be an adviser or a minister. You will be very educated. You are fond of art, literature and music. You will enjoy happiness from the house of spouse. You will be attached to your children. You are a thinker. You will get your income from your artistic and intellectual deeds. You will be assisted by your spouse in getting gains. Sometimes you may get unhappiness from your family. Venus causes respect and command virtuous acts and honours. There is birth of a daughter. You gain immense wealth. You are fond of sacred books. You do charitable acts. You are passionate. You are religious and god fearing. You love justice. You are highly influential. You will most probably be the head of an institution.

Influence of planet Sat
Master of 6th and 7th house,Saturn in 5th house indicates you will get troubles from your opponents but will win over them. Sometimes you feel weakness and uneasiness in your body. You may suffer from piles or some mental anxiety. It indicates you are very fortunate but obstinate. You are very diplomatic. You serve your mother. You will have few offsprings who will be very influential. You will have opposition of views with your children. You may suffer from frequent cough and cold. You do not have stability of friendship and wealth. You are very competent in your occupation. Sometimes you get blows in your honour and respect. You give much importance to self respect. You hold many good qualities. Though pessimistic yet you are always found smiling. You enjoy the company of spouse and children. Your spouse will be very religious and influential. You are wealthy and are respected in govt and society. You travel to distant places. You are fond of learning. You are very serious in your thoughts. You have much patience. Your speech is very impressive though rough. Saturn in 5th house indicates you are extremely clever and diplomatic. There may be premature loss of children. Saturn causes criminal tendencies,depressed and miserable life, loss of wealth, ill health to children . You will associate yourself with undesirable friends. You are very wise. You are a pessimist. You will travel to many places. You may suffer from constipation and stomach troubles. You are a bit lazy and have a wavering mind. Sometimes you may feel dissatisfaction in education, wealth,children and general happiness. Your mind will be unstable. You will have few friends. Sometimes you feel some deficiency and weakness in physical pleasures. You will have a long life. You will win over your opponents by your shrewd and tactful actions. You are a competent politician. You are very learned and wise. You are defamed due to your bad associates. You are mentally worried. You get public favours. Sometimes you will get unhappiness in love affairs.You enjoy the company of older people of opposite sex. You will suffer losses in speculative business and in lotteries,etc. You may die in water or due to heart troubles. Your children may be addicted to smoking or drinking. Saturn in Sagittarius: you get fame through your children. You get happiness in later part of your life. You are very shrewd.

Influence of planet Rah
Rahu in 2nd house indicates you will get some troubles and hindrances in acquiring education. Your eyes may be effected. You will feel some uneasiness and inadequacy in the happiness of family life. You are very talkative and tactful in speech. You may refrain from speaking the truth in case it serves your interest. Sometimes you feel weakness in the house of wealth. You are a moderate eater. You may face separation from family and may live far from them. Rahu causes disputes in family. You may suffer from financial losses. It also causes you loss of wealth. You will travel to foreign countries. You will have few offsprings. You have a rough speech. You may get some disfavours from the govt and society. You acquire high fame and respects in foreign countries. You are fond of good food. Your parents will not be happy with your achievements, however there will be good luck during their old age.
Influence of planet Ket
Ketu in 8th house indicates that you are clever and cunning.You are a competent sportsman. You are very fond of physical pleasures and enjoy the company of the opposite sex. You enjoy a long life. You suffer from eye troubles. You may suffer from diabetes and other private diseases. There may be separation from spouse. You will have ill health and face many hindrances and troubles in acquiring financial gains. You will travel to many foreign countries. You may suffer from piles or there may be falls from high place. You may be victim of accidents. You will have few children. You face many difficulties in undertakings. You should be careful of injuries. You get obstacles in acquiring education. You are religious and god fearing.


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