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Name: Sex:Male Date of Birth:January 01,1980 00:00:00Hr.
Place:Delhi,Delhi,India Latitude:028.40.N Longitude:077.13.E
Radical Number : 1
You are usually a very generous person. You do not like anybody ordering or commanding you. You will lead your life with your own way and on your own terms. You should try to seek the help of other people in work unknown to you and try not to prove your individuality by struggling or performing the work alone. You are fond of luxuries and like to lead an exorbitant life. You are sometimes very critical about others. You are respected for your intelligence and are held in high esteem by the people, for the knowledge you possess. You should get your eyesight checked regularly. You usually desire to be the head of a project and bring out the best in your profession so that the people respect you. You care a lot about your image and social status. You possess an impressive personality and the members of the opposite sex are usually attracted towards you. You are a very optimistic person and never accept failure easily. You are quick in taking decisions. Whereas health is concerned, you usually tend to overwork and fall ill mostly during the months of October, December and January. You should have honey as much as possible. You should also try to avoid spicy and oily foods and have early dinners.
You have a very strong will power and you usually do not hesitate in carrying out your plans, even though others differ from you. You should take care of your excessive expenses and try to reduce them. You should try to save money for the future, as you may have to suffer losses because of your trust in others. You have a huge friends circle and many relatives, yet you may sometimes feel lonely and alone in this vast world. You should try to stay away from legal court cases, as you may suffer financial loss due to it.
Radical Number : 1
Lucky Numbers : 9
Favourable Period : March 21 - April 28, July 21 - August 28
Favourable Days : Sunday and Monday.
Favourable Dates : 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 19, 28.
Favourable Colors : All Shades of Gold, Yellow, Bronze, Golden Brown.
Importants Years : 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73.
Lucky Stones : Topaz, Amber, Yellow Diamond and all stones of these colors.
Health : You may have problems due to irregular circulation and suffer from high blood pressure and palpitation. Likely to have trouble in eyes.
Career : You can shine in government jobs, jobs in semi-government organisations. Judiciary, politics, medical, jewellery, engineering are also favourable to you.
Faults : Pride, anger, conceit, egoism, despotism.


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