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Kua number is extremely well known in feng shui. It is both an idea and an apparatus, and despite the fact that generally utilized as a part of Classical feng shui schools, numerous individuals who apply the Western feng shui school additionally apply the Kua number data.

What is so uncommon about the feng shui Kua number and, all the more critically, in what capacity can the Kua number data help you?

In the first place, the word Kua (the same as the word Gua utilized as a part of the BaGua) is an idea from old Chinese cosmology and can be found in feng shui, as well as in a few Oriental hand to hand fighting. It is an exceptionally complex thought that can't be effortlessly interpreted into one Western word; the acknowledged (and, obviously, tremendously improved!) significance of the word Kua is Life Area, or essentially Area.

Feng shui-wise, the idea of feng shui Kua number originates from the supposed Flying stars school of feng shui, which vigorously partitions individuals into the East and West gathering. Every gathering has a few Kua number sorts, so the East Kua number gathering has the numbers 1, 3, 4, 9 and the West Kua number gathering has 2, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Still, what does that need to do with you? All things considered, the most commonsense utilization of the feng shui Kua number is the way that once your know your Kua number, you can figure out your fortunate and unfortunate headings, which is the primary reason Kua number is really utilized as a part of feng shui these days.

The feng shui information on one's fortunate bearings is vigorously utilized when purchasing a home (you need a front way to face one of your fortunate headings keeping in mind the end goal to draw in many propitious Chi, or Universal vitality); you additionally need to confront your fortunate headings at work, and also position your bed to face one of your fortunate bearings.

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