Gems And Astrology

about Gems & Astrology

Gems are beautiful stones with large variety of colors and high density. Gems are not only beautiful and attractive to look at they are also useful for Health,Longevity, Fame and Prosperity. They act like vaccines in preventing diseases.Gems are credited with hidden power. Both beneficial and malefic results have been noticed. The knowledge of using right gemstones, at the right time, in a right way is very helpful to achieve success in everyday life. Possessors and wearers of gemstones noticed strange effects of them with the passage of time. After wearing a particular gemstone; Some ladies might have been blessed with a son, Some kings might have got splendid victories in battles or Some patient might have got rid of some nasty disease. Such records resulted in the faith in auspicious inauspicious effects of wearing gemstones. Our ancient men of medicine evolved the use of gemstones in the form of Bhasmas (ashes) ; Pishthies (powders) to cure a large variety of diseases and give vitality to human structure.

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The use of gemstones to avert the evil effects of planets is dependent on the colors and vibrations of the planets. The various planets have got their own colors. The influence they wield on humans depends on the different colors emanated or absorbed. The color of the planet is reflected on the human body through the Gem and creates an effect by absorption and reflection of the rays and vibrations. The gems act as a filter and produce good or evil effect.

In astrological works, the nine planets have been assigned nine different Gemstones. Sun’s Gem is Ruby (Manik); of Moon the Gem if Pearl (Moti); Of Mars it is Red coral (Monga); of Mercury it is Emerald (Panna); of Jupiter it is Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj); Of Venus it is Diamond (Hira); of Saturn it is Blue Sapphire (Neelam); of Rahu it is Gomedha and of Ketu it is Cat’s Eye (Lehsuniya).
These Gemstones are called Nav-Ratnas (Nine Gems).

Gemstones should be worn ONLY after the Recommendation by a Competent and Renowned Astrologer.

Each sign of the zodiac is ruled by a planet, and each planet gives off a cosmic vibration and rules, or is related to, certain gemstones. The gems absorb or reflect the planets’ vibration, or rays. It is important to note, however, that wearing the wrong gemstone can have a negative effect on the wearer. Hence it is best to have a qualified astrologer prescribe the gem.