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Horosoft Standard 3.0 has been discontinued and is replaced by Latest Horosoft Professional 5.0. You will be redirected to Horosoft Professional 5.0 page in 5 seconds.

Horosoft Professional 5.0

about Astrology Software Horosoft STANDARD EDITION 3.0

HOROSOFT Standard Edition 3.0 astrology software, based on the Hindu system of Indian Vedic astrology, is specially designed by keeping in mind the commercial point of angle regarding astrology. This package is very useful for people who wish to generate horoscopes for business by investing just a small amount. It is also useful for home users, to whom astrology is an hobby and to students and beginners of astrology.

This edition is a source of guidance and is so easy to understand.This edition is available in Multi-lingual regional languages. Apart from Hindi and English languages, we have in this edition Tamil astrology software, Kannada astrology software, Gujarati astrology software, Marathi astrology software, Bengali astrology software, Punjabi astrology software.

Features of Standard Edition 3.0

Calculations Predictions Match-Making Languages Available Exclusive Features System Requirements


  • Basic Details

    Birth time in Ghati, Sunrise, Sunset, Bhayat, Bhabhog, Balance of Dasha, Avakhada Chakra, Ghat Chakra, Lucky Day Etc.

  • Planets Positions

    Position of Planets at the birth time with sign, degree, star, lord Etc.

  • Karaka & Avastha

    Details of Karaka & Avastha of the planets and Tara Chakra.

  • Birth Charts

    It outlines family, spouse, children, personality, wealth, comforts, education, income Etc. All other charts are derived from it.

  • Other Charts

    Moon Chart, Navamsa, Bhava Chalit, Shodash Varga (Dreshkana, Chaturthamsa, Dwadasamsa, Shodasamsa etc.) Lal Kitab Chart and Varshphal Chart.

  • Vimsottari Dasa

    These periodical tables gives the analysis of precise period of events to come.

  • Vimsottari Dasa Pratyantar

    It is the further division of Vimsottari Dasa.

  • Other Details

    Ashtak Varga Table, Compatibility Table, Friendship Table Etc.


  • Varshaphal Analysis

    Predictions commencing from the moment the Sun returns to the natal position in a particular year. HOROSOFT also generates "Mudha Dashas" which are a part of varshphal. HOROSOFT has the provision to calculate the varshphal Analysis upto 2049 A.D.

  • Planet Analysis

    This provides a macro view of the future as well as the general characteristics of a person. The influence, placement and ownership of all the planets are detailed out telling a person how they have shaped his/her destiny.


After scanning the horoscopes of male and female, HOROSOFT provides information of Gunas and Dosh as well as manglik considerations with conclusion and detailed analysis.
  • Basic Details

    Comparison of Lagan, Rashi, Nakshatra, Nadi, Varan, Vaishya, Yuja, Hansak etc of both male and female.

  • Gun Dosh Table

    It provides the points obtained after matching a couple. It also shows the details of Manglik Dosh.

  • Charts

    Comparison of Lagan and Navamsa charts of both the male and female.

  • Analysis

    After scanning the horoscopes of a couple, HOROSOFT generates a detailed analysis of Gunas and Dosh.

Exclusive Features of 3.0

  • Option to insert a picture on the front page of a horoscope.In option such as Inserting a picture on the front page of a horoscope, you can insert any scanned picture like that of a deity or a person whose horoscope is to be created.

  • Option to print in two different sizes (A4 - 8.5 x 11 , Book size - 6 x 8).

  • More than 2 lakh cities added to the database.

Languages Available

HOROSOFT Standard Edition is available in different regional languages
  • English Astrology Software

  • Hindi Astrology Software

  • Marathi Astrology Software

  • Kannada Astrology Software

  • Gujarati Astrology Software

  • Punjabi Astrology Software

  • Tamil Astrology Software

  • Bengali Astrology Software

System Requirements

  • Compatible with Windows XP , Windows 7 , Windows 8 , 8.1 and Windows 10 (Both 32 & 64 Bit )