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According to Indian Astrology, Cancer traits are Emotional and loving, Intuitive and imaginative, Shrewd and cautious, Protective and sympathetic. Cancer Ian character is the least clear-cut of all those associated with the signs of the zodiac. It can range from the timid, dull, shy and withdrawn to the most brilliant, and famous Cancerians are to be found through the whole range of human activity. It is a fundamentally conservative and home-loving nature, appreciating the nest like quality of a secure base to which the male can retire when he needs a respite from the stresses of life, and in which the Cancerian woman can exercise her strong maternal instincts.

Daily Horoscope for April 24 ,2019

The period is favourable for finishing overdue paperwork with ease. A shopping spree is likely to lift your spirits today and you would enjoy making purchases for your family. Surprisingly you might receive an invitation to attend a party from one of your old friends. There are possibilities that a free and frank discussion might enhance the richness of romance.

Daily Horoscope for April 25 ,2019

Some of you are likely to face certain challenging situations on the professional front. Those in business should gather all the information in hand before making any kind of commitments. Despite this some of your lucky stars would be helpful in keeping your monetary condition vibrant. Students would do well. Some of you might like to go for an outing with their partner.

Daily Horoscope for April 26 ,2019

The day is favourable from the professional viewpoint. You must focus your attention on work and set certain goals to achieve high degree of success on professional front. This is the high time when you are required to convince and win the confidence of your parents. Your prevailing attitude could make them stressed regarding your future.

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