about Ascendant

Zodiac has been considered to be of 360 degrees and has been divided into twelve equal divisions i.e. 30 degrees each. In Astrological terminology each division is known as a Sign. Hence there are twelve signs in all and a particular planet represents a particular sign. The sign that has been rising at the time of birth of a person is known as his Birth Ascendant. For example if the sign Aries had been rising in the horizon at the time of your birth then your birth ascendant is Aries. The Basic Horoscope/ Birth Chart is the snap of zodiac at the time of birth of a person. It comprises of twelve houses. The first house in a birth chart is the ascendant or the rising sign. It represents nature, life in general as well as the physical attributes of a person. In human body the ascendant signifies head and the face.

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Select your Ascendant (Lagna ) as per Indian Astrology.