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Let us see how a horoscope is interpreted. For this purpose, we would use the sample horoscope (given in the right maragin).

1. Identify the problem. Suppose, we have to study `marriage' of the native of the horoscope. It is connected with VIIth house. Now, we have to examine whether VIIth house is good or bad.

2. Lord of VIIth house is Mars, and Mars is posited in Scorpio (which is its own sign), placed in IInd house, which is not considered auspicious. But Mars is strong being in its own house. Mars is posited with Sun and Ketu, which have separative effects. Hence the effects of VIIth house are not considered good.

3. There is no planet in the 7th house.

4. Again, VIIth house has full aspect of Saturn (10th), making the house further weak. As per Five-Fold Relationship Table, Saturn is Neutral to Mars, Lord of VII. Mars also have the full aspect of Rahu, again making it more malefic for VIIth house. Jupiter, who is in Venus's sign Libra, aspects VIIth house which is benefic. Moon also aspects VIIth house, which is also benefic.

5. Significator of marriage is Venus. Venus, Lord of Ascendant is in IInd house which is connected with marriage.

6. Venus, the Significator of Marriage, as well as VIIth house, is Lord of Ascendant, which is good, and is posited with Jupiter, its friend, as per Five Fold Friendship Table, which enhances the traits of VIIth House. Again, Jupiter is Lord of VIth house, which is bad. Hence, association of Venus with Jupiter is good in this horoscope to some extent.

7. VIIth house is aspected by Lord of VIIIth, Jup, which is not good.

8. While studying the above, keep Chapter VIII in mind and understand the nature of planets and their strength. Also, check whether a planet is retrograde or combust. 7th Lord Mars is neither retrograde nor combust in this case.

9. Don't forget to consult Five-Fold Friendship Table (as explained in Chapter 8) for the sample horoscope (which is also given in Chapter 8) to understand the inter-relationship between planets and predict accordingly. In this case 7th Lord Mars is aspected by Rahu and as per Five-Fold Friendship Table, Rahu is arch enemy of Mars. Hence, it is not good for 7th house traits.

10. Please remember for one problem, you may have to study more than one house. If marriage life is to be predicted, then we have to study IInd, IVth, and XIIth house also, which represent family, domestic peace, and sexual pleasures respectively.

11. Using Sudarshan Chakra Method (Refer to Lesson 10), examine the same in Moon Chart and Sun Chart. In Moon Chart, VIIth house is very weak; its Lord, Mercury, is in VIIIth house, it is the Lord of two angular houses (IVth and VIIth); Significator of Marriage, Venus, is in VIIIth house with Jupiter, aspected by Saturn. This fully corroborates the weakness of VIIth house from Lagna Chart.

12. From the Sun Chart, VIIth house has Rahu, aspected by Sun and Mars; its Lord Venus is Lord of XII, which is good. To some extent, this also corroborates the weakness of VIIth house.

13. In Navamsha chart, VII Lord is Moon, which is in XII house; hence bad. II Lord is Saturn which is debilitated; II house has Sun, a malefic and having separative effects; Venus, significator for marriage is in enemy sign. Hence, in Navamsha chart also, VII house is weak.
14. In all, we find that the VIIth is very weak. The native will have problems in marriage, late marriage, quarrels, differences of opinion, maybe separation from wife by divorce. Please note that only VIIth house has been studied for marriage. Because of some good effects, marriage will take place.

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