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Lord of Thursday, Guru, male, jeeva planet

Children, Elder brother, Husband

Expansion, universal harmony; wealth, financial dealings, banks, law, religion, philosophy, companies, long journeys, air-travels, prosperity, charitable and religious institutions, education, judge, counsellor, brokers, spirituality, honesty, speculation, gain through legacies, good fortune, noble, jovial

Extremist, lavish, extravagant, careless, gambling, vain pomp and show, misjudgment, poverty, law suits, unpopular

Liver, arteries, teeth, gall bladder

Liver complaints, blood disorders, abscesses, boils, diabetes, intestinal troubles, cancer, jaundice, fat in the body, flatulence, hernia,

Direction: North - East

Metals: Gold, Tin, Platinum

Stone: Yellow Sapphire

Colour: Yellow

Motion: 30° in one year

Aspect: VII th house (opposite house); V th and IX th houses

Own Mool Trikona Exaltation Debilitation

9(6°-30°),12 9 (0°-5°) 4 (5°)* 10 (5°)#


*Highest degree of exaltation

#Lowest degree of debilitation

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