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Lord of Tuesday, Commander-in-Chief, male, dhatu planet

Younger brothers/sisters

Physical force, passion; Energy, ambition, desires, strength, heroism, self-confidence, adventurous, lands and moveable property, dry, fiery, masculine, courage, dashing, practical, accident, operation, surgery, chemistry, militant matters, violence, competitive exams, courage

Lose temper, quarrelsome, drunkard, brute, sexual hunger, violent, unhappy domestic life, fanatic, unreliable

Muscles, genitals, nose, anus, brain, kidneys

Muscular system inflammations, nose surgeries, VD, piles, fistula, bilious complaints

Direction: North-East

Metals: Copper, gold

Colours: Red scarlet, carmine

Stone: Red Coral

Motion: 30° in 45 days

Aspect: VII th house (opposite house); IV th and VIII th house

Own Mool Trikona Exaltation Debilitation
1(13°-30°), 8 1 (0°-12°) 10 (28°)* 4 (28°)#

*Highest degree of exaltation

#Lowest degree of debilitation

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