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Lord of Wednesday, nearest to the Sun, Commerce Minister, jeeva planet

Maternal Uncle, Adopted son

Mathematical proportions, speed, duality; senses, intelligence, education, scholar, research, analytical mind, short travels, general success, ingenuity, shrewd, clever, talkative, mathematician, writing, editing, artistic taste, neutral, dualist, convertible, sexless, teaching, book-keeping, secretary, accounting,

Cunning, mischievous, liar, gambler, conceited, perverted, unprincipled, boastful, a bad accountant, insincere, inaccurate,

Respiratory, nervous speech, hands, tongue, ears, auditory system

Nervous complaints, respiratory faults, trembling, speech impediments, mental disorders, asthma, deafness

Direction: South - West

Metals: Silver, Gold

Colours: Azure, blue, dove

Stone: Emerald

Motion: 30° in 45 days (never more than 28° from Sun)

Aspect: VII th house (opposite house)

Own Mool Trikona Exaltation Debilitation

3, 6(21°-30°) 6 (16°-20°) 6(0-15°)(15°)* 12 (15°)#


*Highest degree of exaltation

#Lowest degree of debilitation

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