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Lord of Saturday, outermost planet, Son of Sun, lame, eunuch/female, dhatu planet


Life principles, time, obstruction; longevity, farmers, minerals, coal and junk dealers, property owners, thinker, foresightedness, discipline, third eyesight, scientist, inventors, explorers, discoverers, philosophers, religious leaders, social reformers, landed property, mines, iron and steel, lead, dealing in real estate, austere, envious, violent, prudent, cautious, economical, serious, persistent

Sceptical, incompetent, indifferent, laborious, impotent, secretive, slow, callous, pessimistic, unreliable

Teeth, bones, ribs, marrow, hairs, nails, secretive system, skin, auditory organs, knees, feet

Paralysis, insanity, cancer, TB, tumours, wind, gastric troubles, limb injury, rheumatism, Bright's disease, deafness, consumption

Direction: South - West

Metals: Iron, lead

Colours: Black, dark brown, indigo

Stone: Blue Sapphire

Motion: 30° in 2½ years

Aspect: VII th house (opposite house); III rd and X th houses

Own Mool Trikona Exaltation Debilitation
10,11(21°-30°) 11(0° - 20°) 7 (20°)* 1 (20°)#

*Highest degree of exaltation

#Lowest degree of debilitation

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