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Lord of Friday, can never be more than 48° from Sun, Goddess of Love, Moola planet

Wife, partner

Space, electricity, beauty, modesty, virtue, fortune, artistic disposition, literature, dance, music, poetry, pleasure, love, marriage, gain through public affairs, sex, conjugal happiness, opposite sex, sportsman, humorous, fond of fine arts, vehicles, luxury, bed pleasures

Immoral life, amorous, rivalry, jealousy, unpleasant domestic life, death of partner, sexy, worries, downfall, legal trouble, disgrace

Ovaries, glands, generative system, kidneys, throat, chin, cheeks

VD, bladder/Kidney stone, weakness of sexual organs, semen, gout, anaemic, leucoderma, eczema, syphilis, gland disorders, swellings, tonsillitis

Direction: South - West

Metals: Gold and Platinum

Colours: Turquoise, pink, lemon, yellow, blue

Stone: Diamond

Motion: 30° in one month

Aspect: VII th house (opposite house)


Own Mool Trikona Exaltation Debilitation
2, 7(21°-30°) 7 (0° - 20°) 12 (27°)* 6 (27°)#


*Highest degree of exaltation

#Lowest degree of debilitation

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