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Stout, average height, awkward appearance, rolling gait, fond of changes, novelty; fickle-minded, fertile imagination, love intensely, fragile health, sacrifice for their children, honest in finance, not extravagant, ups and downs, wealth through own labour, monotonous life for romance, lacking in expression, settled family life, sentimental, anger comes and goes, devoted to wives, want homely girls, interfere in routine household matters, females good mothers, stubborn and moody, if ignored

Body parts:
Breast area, stomach, pancreas

Coughs, cancer disease, stomach problems, dropsy, diseases connected with water

Business in things connected with water, conches, pearls, fish, sailors, Navy, submarine, shipping, import/export, restaurant, caterer, travels, transport, contractors, irrigation department,

with signs 4, 8, 12

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