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JUPITER (in the)

Ist House : Stout body, kingly appearance, attractive personality, grammarian, learned, highly educated, many children, long-lived, gains, respect from rulers; political success, influential, leader good finances, generous, faithful, good executive ability, broad-minded, judge, banker, doctor, professor. good businessman

If afflicted, extremist, lavish, gambling, law suits, contentions

IInd House : Intelligent, dignified, happy, fluent, aristocratic, accumulated wealth, good wife and family, dexterous, general prosperity, financial success, gain through Govt, law, insurance, education, banking, travels;

If afflicted, hindrances in progress, misunderstood

IIIrd House : Many brothers, loyal to the family, polite, good agriculturist, energetic, bold, lover of fine arts and literature

If afflicted, miserly, hate his brothers, relations; unpractical, careless, unscrupulous,

IVth House : Possesses vehicles, educated, happy, wealthy, founder of charitable institutions, good mother, good inheritance, contented domestic life, comfortable, gain of property, good house, food

If afflicted, loss through parents, inheritance, heart attack, litigation

Vth House : Handsome, insight, intelligent, skilful, obedient children, leader, gain through children, speculation, gambling, lottery, love affairs, opposite sex;

If afflicted, loss through speculation, gambling, etc. failures, obstacles,

VIth House : Dyspeptic, unlucky, many cousins, grandsons, jocular, witty, unsuccessful, no enemies, success as physician, gain through service,

If afflicted, loss through inferiors, afflicted health

VIIth House : Good wife, gains through her, diplomatic, speculative, sensitive, good agriculturist, pilgrimage, good marriage life, success in partnership, gain through litigation

If afflicted, marriage troubles, loss in partnership

VIIIth House : Colic pains, unhappy, gains from unlawful means, long life, degraded, dirty habits, pretending to be charitable, gain through inheritance,

IXth House : Many children, religious, merciful, humanitarian, conservative, long-lived father, god-fearing, cultured, high position, zealous, justice, founder of religious institutions, occult insight,

If afflicted, arrogant, loss through travelling, accident in journeys, trouble in religious matters,

Xth House : Learned, conveyances, smart in getting wealth, determined, children, wealthy, non-violent, ambitious, scrupulous, gain from superiors, govt. social and financial success, good judge, minister, administrator, ambassador; public recognition, good moral conduct

If afflicted, weak social life, misunderstandings, obstacles, public defame, changes and travels,

XIth House : Very wealthy, good deeds, god-fearing, charitable, somewhat dependent, many friends, influential, philanthropic, lover of music,

XIIth House : Poor, few children, dubious character, unlucky, aesthetic, artistic taste, sadistic, secret alliances, occult studies, success in seclusion, win enemies,

If afflicted, sinful, loss by enemies, careless, extravagant

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