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KETU (in the)

Ist House : Emaciated figure, weak constitution, weak-hearted, slender, piles, sexual indulgence, diplomatic, losses, scandals, avaricious, no domestic bliss,

IInd House : Bad speaker, quiet, quick in perception, hard-hearted, thrifty, indebtedness, sorrows, mouth disease, misfortune in finances

IIIrd House : Adventurous, strong, artistic, wealthy, popular, mental anxiety, troubles from brothers, neighbours, unprofitable journeys, injury to arms

IVth House : Licentious, quarrelsome, weak, fear of poisons, waste of father's property, family disharmony, bad for land, vehicles, mother;

Vth House : Liberal, loss of children, sinful, immoral, excessive pleasure leading to harm, stomach disease, loss in speculation, gambling;

VIth House : Adulterous, licentious, VD, loss through servants, defeats enemies, danger through reptiles, small animals, eye trouble, not good for maternal uncle

VIIth House : Passionate, sinful, liaison with widows, sickly wife, troubles in married life, separation from wife, fear of thieves,

VIIIth House : Dull, piles, senseless, obscure, fraud, sudden death, wounds, wants others' property and wives,

IXth House : Short-sighted, sinful, liar, thrifty, many children, good wife, unfortunate voyages, pilgrimage, religious

Xth House : Public defame, depression, failures, pushing, philosophical, not good for father, accidents,

XIth House : Witty, licentious, intelligent, wealthy, false friends, gains, success, few sons,

XIIth House : Unsettled mind, foreign residence, attracted to low class, much travelling, licentious, spiritual knowledge, capricious, secretive deeds, more expenditure, eye trouble.

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