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MARS (in the)

Ist House : Hot constitution, scars on the body, pilfering habits, danger to father early, adventurous, powerful, low-minded, enterprising, brave, practical, aggressive, headstrong

IInd House : Harsh speech, quarrelsome, adulterous, short-tempered, wasteful, sharp-tongued, broken education, satirical, large patrimony, aggressive, unpopular, awkward, gain through hard work

IIIrd House : Few brothers, weak sex morals, courageous, reckless, adventurous, short-tempered, unprincipled, unpopular, rash, rebellious, accidents during travels

IVth House : Mother ill, quarrels, unhappy domestic life, danger to father, conveyances; brutal, vulgar, tyrannical, indigestion, acidity

Vth House : No issues, ambitious, intelligent, unhappy, bold, unprincipled, decisive, Unfortunate in love affairs, trouble through children, loss by speculation, gambling;

VIth House : Successful, good lands, rich, defeats enemies, political success, worry from near relations, blood diseases, loss through theft, employees, servants; accidents

VIIth House : Dropsy, unhappy with wife, troublesome married life. two wives, rash speculations, unsuccessful, tactless, stubborn, idiosyncratic, passionate, death of wife/husband,

VIIIth House : Bad eye-sight, short life, few children, danger to maternal uncles, widower, adulterous, gain through legacies, inheritance;

IXth House : Unkind, successful trader, loss from agriculture, naval, merchant, military, stubborn, logical, dependent life, sickly father, philosophical, cannot tolerate any opposition, sceptical in religion, litigation, foreign travel but troubles

Xth House : Founder of institutions, towns, energetic, adventurous, good agriculturist, good profits, clever, gain in business, from father; fame, honour

XIth House : Learned, educated, wealthy, influential, property, crafty, happy, commanding, virtuous, socially unpopular, trouble from friendship,

XIIth House : Incendiary diseases, rotten body. deformed eyes

Unsuccessful, poor, stumbling, suffering, fruitless, liable to fraud and deception, dishonest, impediments, injuries through accidents, animals, burglars; imprisonment, hospitalisation, financial loss

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