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MERCURY( in the)

Ist House : Humorous, well-read, clever, fond of astronomy, witty, intellectual, love of literature and poetry, concentration, good memory, intuitive;

If afflicted, cunning, liar, gambler, clumsy,

IInd House : Gain through administrative, commercial work, learned in religious and philosophical, sweet speech, good conversationalist, determined, fine manners, captivating looks, self-acquisition, wealthy, thrifty, logical, clerical,

If afflicted, unreliable, untruthful

IIIrd House : Bold, sensible, many short journeys, good relatives, neighbours; good brothers, investigative, brave,

IVth House : Learned, agriculturist, good mother, unhappy, magician, cultured, affectionate, active in literary activities, gain from inheritance, change in residence, disturbed domestic life, good for public, property

If afflicted, no peace of mind, domestic troubles, fraud,


Vth House : Good for professions of entertainments, schools, or travels; showy, learned, good administrative capability, speculative, scholar, vain, ministerial office, worries through children,

If afflicted, inconsistent love, loss through speculations

VIth House : Troubles in feet and toes, respected, interrupted education, subordinate officer, quarrels, losses in money, harsh in speech, loss through servants, mechanical mind,

If afflicted, mental derangement, worries, psychic conditions, suicidal tendencies,

VIIth House : Diplomatic, early marriage, dutiful, studies astrology, astronomy, mathematics; success in trade, skilful, danger to mother early, adulterous, charitable, gain through partnership, contracts;

VIIIth House : Ill-health, long life, gain from estate, easy success, grief through domestic servants, few issues, famous, interested in occultism, literature

If afflicted, nervous disorders, death of employee,

IXth House : Learned, intelligent, highly educated, musician, many children, philosophical, creative mind, scientific-minded, good astrologer, many friends, lands, logical and scientific, success in trade, gain through prominent friends,

If afflicted, cynical, unreliable, loss through friends, loss through wrong advice

XIIth House : Intelligent, adulterous, capricious, despondent, passionate, lacking in opportunities,

If afflicted, worried, doubtful nature, one of the senses defective, scandals

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