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MOON ( in the)

Ist House : Fanciful, romantic, attractive, capricious, licentious, sociable, easy-going, loved by fair sex, shy, stubborn, fickle-minded, inclined to corpulence, likes changes

If afflicted, psychic

IInd House : Squint eyes, wealthy, handsome, charming, attractive, generous, breaks in education, sweet speech, persuasive, highly intelligent, changeable finances, helpful, gain through mother or opposite sex,

If afflicted, unfavourable for finances, losses through inheritance, by giving sureties, by trust in wrong friends

IIIrd House : Sickly, dyspeptic, piles, consumption, mild, lean, , many brothers, sisters, cruel, famous, unscrupulous, miserly, fond of travelling, keen for new ideas, sense of responsibility

If afflicted, purposeless, disappointments, accidents in travels, postponement of planned travels

IVth House : Comfortable, fine taste, good dress, polite, affable, high education, happy, licentious, successful, good mother, popular, gain from parents, opposite sex, domestic life happy, property, vehicles,

If afflicted, broken primary education, unfavourable to relations, losses through fraud, disappointments, unhappy in domestic circumstances, danger to mother early

Vth House : Subtle, shrewd, showy, many daughters, intelligent, interrupted education, high political office, public success, romantic, gain through speculation, changeable affections, success in poultry

If afflicted, love troubles, loss through speculation,

VIth House : Sick in childhood, submissive to fair sex, lazy, short-tempered, slender, weak sexual connection, widow-hunter, drunkard, tender, pilfering habits, many enemies, worried by cousins, gain by serving others, spiritual tendencies,

If afflicted, poor success with servants, bronchitis, weak indigestion,

VIIth House : Pain in loins, passionate, fond of women, attractive wife, successful, jealous, energetic, early marriage, gain by marriage, popular in social life,

If afflicted, separation from partner, wife, public opposition, troubles in married life, losses, sorrows

VIIIth House : Slender, bad eye-sight, kidney disease, unhealthy, capricious, unsteady, easy acquisitions, gain through partner

If afflicted, death of wife, mother; death of children,

IXth House : Popular, educated, lover of fiction, wealthy, active, inclined to travel, good children, immoveable property, religious, righteous, success in agriculture, good reputation, inventive,

If afflicted, delays, loss in travelling, religion, break in college education,

Xth House : Passionate, charitable, shrewd, adulterous, bold, ambitious, trustee of religious institutions, many friends, easy success, wealthy, comfortable, changes in profession, many connections with public, women; ups and downs,

If afflicted, public disfavour, scandal, obstacles, slow progress

XIth House : Many children, powerful, philanthropic, polite, literary, artistic taste, helpful, influential, cultured, easy success, great position, reputation, lands, giver of donations, man of principles, success with opposite sex, children;

If afflicted, disappointments in friendship, separations, loss in romance, speculation;

XIIth House : Obstructed, cruel, unhappy, powerless, deceived, solitary, miserable, discreet love affairs, interested in secret matters like CID, CBI, espionage,

If afflicted, changeable nature, restless, worries, female enmity, defective eyesight

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