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RAHU (in the)

Ist House : Sympathetic, abortions, courageous, sickly wife/husband, fond of women, malicious sex acts, good self-expression, wealthy

IInd House : Dark colour, diseased face, poor, more than one wife, peevish, luxurious meals, gain by legacy, gifts, science; affluent, insincere, talkative, early period not happy

IIIrd House : Few children, wealthy, bold, adventurous, many relations, interest in spiritual or educational matters, gains through brothers, relations, neighbours, journeys, writings, publications; good fortune,

IVth House : Adultery, subordinate, alien languages, gain by property, no domestic peace, gains from govt., hard-hearted, stomach trouble

Vth House : Issueless, sons late in life, flatulent, tyrannical, narrow-minded, fond of social recreations, pleasures, sports; uterus trouble,

VIth House : VD, no enemies, many cousins, enjoyment, ulcers, wounds, gain through service, increases physical and mental stamina, long-lived,

VIIth House : Liaison with widows/divorcees, diabetes, wife suffering from menstrual disorders, unhappy, impairs conjugal bliss, loss of money through women,

VIIIth House : Degraded, quarrelsome, immoral, adulterous, gain through gifts, legacies; unholy acts, enlargement of glands, few sons, name and fame but later on blemished,

IXth House : Submissive to wife, impolite, loose morals, uncharitable, success in education, legal, religious studies, favourable for voyages, foreign affairs, opposed to father, not good for sons, loves brothers

Xth House : Connection with widows, lover of poetry and literature, traveller, learned, high position by industry and ability, fearless, fond of struggles, enemies, no happiness from parents, worried mind

XIth House : Wealthy, influential among lower castes, many children, good agriculturist, lot of travels, in old age ear trouble, has good friendships, acquaintances, no greed for others' money, defeats enemies

XIIth House : Deformed, defective sight, few children, many losses, saintly, gain by secret methods or in seclusion, good in occultism, windy, heart trouble, bad for bed pleasures

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