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SATURN(in the)

Ist House : Alien habits and customs, perverted mind, bad thoughts, evil, tyrannical, unscrupulous, cunning, thrifty, passionate, unclean, sickly, flatulence, licentious, slow, uphill struggle, late rise in life, loss of wife, adulterous,

IInd House : Diseased face. weak eyes, harsh speech, stammering, broken education, more than one wife, unsocial, drunkard, success not in proportion to labour, lack of money, success in estate, mine, coal, lead, fridge,

IIIrd House : Wealthy, loss of brothers, adventurous, eccentric, cruel, courageous, agriculturist, success in litigation, wins enemies, very cautious, abortions, troubles from children, loss through journeys, writings, neighbours, relations;

IVth House : Colic pains, sudden losses, narrow-minded, danger to mother, problem in estates, good thinker, political disfavour, licentious, broken education, devoid of happiness, heart disease,

Vth House : Mediocre life, no children, perverted views, story-teller, displeasure from Govt, troubled life, clear-minded, abortions, disappointment in love, attraction to widowers, losses through speculations, gambling,

VIth House : Sickly, deaf, sex diseases, obstinate, few children, quarrelsome, indebted, defeats enemies, increase in income, loss through small animals, labour troubles, ulcer, wounds,

VIIth House : Sickly, colic pains, more than one wife, ambitious, political success, foreign honours, deputation, travelling, unhappy marriage, relations with low-class females, wife sickly, premature death of wife, loss by partnership, unsuited for partnership business,

VIIIth House : Big belly, corpulent, colic pains, defective eyesight, asthma, consumption, drunkard, ungrateful children, long life, cruel, seductive, friendship with older women or women of other castes, few issues, loss of legacy, problems after marriage, criminal, secret activities, black marketeer, danger to elder brother,

IXth House : Legal success, founder of charitable institutions, miserly, thrifty, scientific, irreligious, logical, unfilial, unfaithful, troubles in foreign, dangerous voyages,

Xth House : Pilgrimage, good farmer, sudden ups and downs, ascetic in late life, bilious, financial ruin, failures in profession, loss of parents in early life, public defame, unhappiness to mother, downfall after rising,

XIth House : Learned, feared, wealthy, much landed property, broken education, conveyances, influential, political success, political respect, danger to elder brothers, success in income, false friends, death of child, no sons,

XIIth House : Squint eyes, deformed limbs, losses in trade, occultist, poor, spendthrift, many enemies, dexterous, secluded life, imprisonment, accidents, grief through love affairs, sex life; litigation.

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