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SUN (in the)

Ist House: Bilious, Eye-disease, intelligence, good morals, political success, king-like appearance, humanitarian, lazy, daring, hot, strong will, caprice, vitality, strong constitution, love power

If afflicted, poor, bad health, mean, obstacles in life,

IInd House: Diseased-face, ugly, stammering, weak eyesight

Well-educated, scientific, stubborn, money through self efforts

Losses, frugal, separation from family members,

IIIrd House: Courageous, liberal, adventurous, famous, wealthy, successful travels, resourceful, gain from relations and neighbours

IVth House: Keen, sensitive, quarrels without cause, wastes paternal property, introspective, loss of mother, under the influence of mother, philosophical, acquisition of property, land, houses

Mental worry, unhappy, troubles in domestic life, debt, weak constitution

Vth House : Intelligent, poor, judicious speculation, few children, danger to father early, disturbed mind, love nature, tactful

Abortions, loss through speculation

VIth House : Colic troubles, good administrative / executive capabilities, gain in business through partners, few enemies, evokes fear in enemies, bold, war-like, licentious, gains from enemies,

VIIth House : Late marriage, troubled marriage-life, loose morals, irreligious, submissive to wife, wealth through females, discontented, wife of dubious character, dishonour due to females, separation from wife/husband

VIIIth House : Sick constitution, eye-troubles, sores in the head, long life, sudden gains, poor, gain through legacy, fond of occult sciences,

If afflicted, sudden premature death, death of father, death of husband

IXth House : Glandular disease, charitable, godly, lucky, successful, man of action, self-acquired property, many lands, philosophical, lover of poetry and music, agriculturist, enterprising, ambitious, connection with charitable institutions, churches, temples, mosques, gurdwaras, long voyages, legal man,

If afflicted, troubles in foreign, orthodox, irreligious, broken college education, hindrances

Xth House : Bold, courageous, famous, learned, educated, quick decision, high position, dutiful sons, personal influence, successful military or political career, gain from parents, rulers, loves power, authority

If afflicted, loss of father, hindrances, delays

XIth House : Learned, Wealthy, success without much effort, famous, many (political) enemies, good reputation, wealth through fair means, insight, man of principles, success through friends

XIIth House : Sinful, poor, thieving nature, unsuccessful, adulterous, neglected, lover of esoteric and occult knowledge, chemistry, psychic tendencies, no happiness from children

If afflicted, defective eyesight, ill reputation, imprisonment, misfortunes

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