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VENUS (in the)

Ist House : Very fortunate, ambitious, long life, fond of wife, master of sex, fond of scents, flower, music, dresses; pleasing, successful, leader, astrologer, artistic taste, gain through opposite sex,

If afflicted, disappointments in love, bad health through over-indulgence in pleasures, separation, divorce,

IInd House : Happy, large family, luxurious food, drinks, charming wife, brilliant, clever in speech, agreeable, author, conservative, composer, economical, logical, gain from marriage, hotels, confectionary,

If afflicted, financial troubles, deceitful in love,

IIIrd House : Lover of fine arts, prosperity to mother, wealthy, miserly, travelling, gain through publication, good writings,

If afflicted, loss through relations, opposite sex; delay in writings, publications;

IVth House : Happy, affectionate, learned, good mother, peaceful life, agriculturist, scientific mind, literary, successful, popular, gain from inheritance, conveyance, vehicles, home, property, clothes, jewellery

If afflicted, sudden losses, difficulty through generosity, carelessness

Vth House : Intelligent, clever, educated, sociable, many daughters, gain through love affairs, partnerships, idealistic love relations, children, speculation, investment, lotteries,

If afflicted, loss through speculation, troubles through opposite sex

VIth House : No enemies, loose habits, low-minded, fond of other women, licentious, gain through subordinates, love of pets, small animals,

If afflicted, ill health, kidney troubles

VIIth House : Passionate, unhealthy habits, happy marriage, sensual, fond of sex, gain after marriage, sincere, devoted, wealthy, clever in the art of sex, relations with other women, success in partnership

If afflicted, delayed marriage, problems in married life, partnership;

VIIIth House : Happy, bad habits, unexpected legacies, disappointment in love, pious in later life, speculation unproductive, interest in psychic research, occultism, rich

If afflicted, difficulties with regard to legacies, occultism, domestic life, defective kidneys, grief in love affairs

IXth House : Selfish, religious, successful, lover of fine arts, generous, pleasure through travelling, optimistic, prosperous, fond of fine arts, music, dance, sex, social life, good fortune

If afflicted, dissatisfaction, excessive demands on social life

Xth House : Respect for divine people and parents, lawyer, social, popular, moderate eater, good career, renowned, good morals, wealthy, gain through parents, happy domestic life,

If afflicted, delay and obstacles in career, profession, lack of opportunities, broken education,

XIth House : Learned, wealthy, good conveyances, many friends, much popularity, fond of female company, comforts; good social contacts, gain through friends,

If afflicted, jealousy, loss through friends, scandal, women;

XIIth House : Weak eyes, fond of low females, miserly, unprincipled, fond of sex, liar, unhappy love affairs, bed pleasures, secret love affairs leading to enmity of women,

If afflicted, excess in physical sex, emotional pleasures, whores, separation or divorce, disturbed marriage life

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