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Long hands, average stature, broad face, well-proportioned body, tendency to become stout, quick, keen, shrewd, penetrating mind, not easily influenced, courageous, sarcastic, practical, interested in occult, chemical research, mystery, intuitive, resourceful, constructive and destructive abilities, economical, unyielding, cunning, revengeful, cannot save, cannot be subjugated, cannot withstand criticism, at best in odds, reserved, cannot remain idle, gain through speculation, lucky in getting money, vehicles, wife, business, house, garden, extravagant, provide comforts to wives, females know how to please their husbands,

Body parts:
Secret parts, pelvic region, bladder, rectum, anus

Back pains, piles, stones in bladder, sex diseases, urinary diseases

Chemistry, medicines, insurance, maternity departments, detectives, iron and steel works, military, naval, surgeon

Match :
With signs 4, 8, 12

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