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Isht Kal

This is the time elapsed in ghati, palas and vipalas from the Sunrise to the actual time of birth. This is used for calculation of Ascendant.

How to find the first letter (alphabet) of the name of a child:
After the birth of a child, it is customary to go to a pundit to find out the first letter of the name for the child. Since it is concerned with Stars, this topic is covered here. In every sign, there are 9 quarters of different stars, as explained above. Each of these 9 quarters represent the first alphabet of the Name. First, find out the birth-star and its quarter. Then search in the following table, which will give you the first alphabet of the Name.

Signs        First Alphabet
1                        chu chai cho la li loo lai lo a

2                    ee u ai o va vi voo vai vo

3                    ka ki koo gh ra chh kai ko ha

4                    hi hoo hai ho da di doo dai do

5                    ma mi moo mai mo ta ti too tai

6                    to pa pi poo sh n th pai po

7                    ra ri roo rai ro ta ti too tai

8                    to na ni noo nai no ya yi yu

9                    yai yo bha bhi bhu dha pha dha bhe

10                  bho ja ji khi khu khe kho ga gi

11                  goo gai go sa si soo sai so da

12                  di doo tha jha tra dai do cha chi

How to find the lost article

Since this is also concerned with Stars, it is covered here. Following Table will predict about the lost article. Just find out the Star (from any almanac) in which the article was lost and see in the following Table.

Dhanishtha, Pushya, Rohini,Poorva Ashada,                               Gone to East
Vishakha, Uttar Phalguni,                                                                  Revati Found easily

Mrigsira, Hast, Uttara Ashada, Anuradha,                                     Gone to South
Shatbisha, Ashlesha, Ashwini                                                         Found with efforts

Abhijit, Ardra, Magha, Chitra, Poorva Bhadrapad                          Gone to West
Jyeshtha, Bharini                                                                                  News only

Punaravasu, Swati, Shravan, Kritika, Uttara                                    Gone to North
Bhadrapad, Moola, Poorva Phalguni                                                Neither news nor found


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