About Amethyst (Jamunia)

Amethyst is a violet coloured, semi-valuable gemstone of the quartz mineral circle of relatives. As an astrological replacement of blue sapphire, it's far worn to triumph over monetary strain, expert instability and dangerous addictions.

Who Should Wear Amethyst Gemstone?

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Amethyst (meaning jamuniya, katela or ketela in hindi) is associated with the planet saturn. It's far worn to strengthen weaker saturn in addition to to gain from its favorable occupation in a person’s horoscope. Vedic astrology prescribes jamuniya ratna for makar (capricorn) and kumbh (aquarius) rashi.. Western astrology assigns amethyst birthstone for pisces. Amethyst also can be worn with the aid of gemini, virgo and taurus.

How to wear Amethyst gemstone?

Weight Minimum 1/10th of the body weight. A person weighing 60 Kgs can wear a 6 carat Amethyst stone.
Color Bright, purple amethyst is ideal for best astrological returns.
Metal Best worn in a silver ring. Yellow gold is strictly prohibited.
Finger Middle finger of the working hand
Day & Time Saturday, after sunset is the best time to wear Amethyst.
Mantra & Chanting Times 'Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’, ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः ।
(108 times)

Amethyst Gemstone Benefits

Amethyst is quite popular for its capability to calm restless and distracted minds and accordingly is pretty beneficial in enhancing wearer’s productiveness.

Cures addictive inclinations– on the grounds that ancient times, amethyst has been extensively used for remedying self-unfavourable and addictive tendencies of people. Human beings hooked on smoking, consuming and drug abuse can absolutely rely upon this gemstone for quitting these behavior.

Revives lost fortunes & relationships– amethyst can revive surprising opportunities, thereby supporting the wearer to reclaim materialistic and monetary comforts in addition to restore misplaced or damaged relationships.

Tranquilizes stressful minds – amethyst can soothe weak, fragile and traumatic minds and as a consequence is exceedingly beneficial in curing insomnia, anxiety, fear and despair. Amethyst advantages surpass almost every different gemstone with regards to enhancing intellectual consciousness, concentration and meditative abilities of the wearer.

Clears mental blockages – carrying amethyst can open stagnant or blocked minds, paving pathways for creative and logical answers to emerge. For that reason, academicians, researchers and students, frequently lodge to amethyst for achievement.

Improves hair, teeth & bone health – detoxing and cellular regeneration are a number of the widely diagnosed amethyst’s recuperation blessings in opportunity medicine. It's also worn to therapy arthritis, bone- cancer and paralysis.

Amethyst Gemstone Quality

Excellent of amethyst is defined in the main by its coloration. Yet, earlier than-hand knowledge of different factors can help our customers choose the satisfactory viable alternative and buy amethyst on line as per their desire.

Starting place– amethyst mines were located in russia, zambia, india, brazil, myanmar, madagascar, mexico and sri lanka. However, wealthy crimson colour associated with african amethyst makes it highly famous. Zambian and brazilian amethyst are other famous amethyst origins because of decently saturated raspberry pink shade.

Color– amethyst coloration can also range from mild purple-violet to deep purple. Best fine amethyst presentations vividly saturated pink coloration (with or without red tints) and lacks coloration zoning absolutely. The gemstone must neither be too mild that it waters down the coloration or too dark that it seems black in negative lighting fixtures. Additionally, one should carefully look for brown tints and colour zones as they are able to lower the high-quality and typical worth of amethyst, marginally.

Clarity– amethyst is graded as type - 2 gemstone on clarity standards, implying it is evidently cleaner than other valuable gems. However, each time gift, inclusions in amethyst exist in and as needles or l- fashioned bands. A transparent amethyst with out visible inclusions radiates light and shade better than the translucent stones. Traditionally, lesser the inclusions, better is the first-rate of amethyst. Considering it's far effectively to be had in nature and quite inexpensive, it isn't always worth to compromise at the clarity factor when buying amethyst on line or from dealers.

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