About Azurite

Azurite is a gentle deep blue colored gemstone found typically in copper ore mines. It's also referred to as chessylite and is thought to relieve pressure and beautify creativity. Azurite stones are majorly sourced from copper mining areas including australia, chile, russia, africa and china.

Who Should Wear Azurite Gemstone?

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Azurite isn't a traditional birthstone, however is an exceedingly beneficial strength stone for musicians, artists, writers and composers and is thought to stimulate creativity and sell synchronization with nature’s charisma and vibe.

Azurite Gemstone Benefits

Azurite gemstones are stated to alleviate strain and enhance creativity and also helps to let go of tension, worry, grief and disappointment.

It's also believed to beautify awareness and attention, memorization and retention of information and thus is a pretty useful stone for college kids.

Medically, azurite is said to be particularly useful in opposition to arthritis, joint problems, detoxing and issues of kidneys, gallbladder, spleen and the liver.

Azurite gemstones also are believed to inspire boom with the aid of stimulating the activity of the thyroid gland.

Azurite Gemstone Quality

The satisfactory of azurite relies upon upon its cut and shade.

The stone ideally ought to haven't any seen inclusions or cracks and ought to additionally show off a stunning and deep ink blue coloration.

Azurite gemstone exceptional depends particularly on the clarity and evenness of the colour.

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