About Blue Zircon

Blue zircon is a blue colour style of the herbal zircon gemstone. This famous semi-valuable earrings gemstone is regarded for its high-quality luster and exact transparency. It is seemed as the december birthstone in the western world. In vedic astrology, a herbal blue zircon is worn to gain professional success, monetary prosperity and a healthy marital lifestyles.

Who Should Wear Blue Zircon Gemstone?

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It is said that blue zircon which means ‘neela jarkan’ in hindi, is related to the planet venus. Because of its vivid blue color, some astrologers join this gemstone with planet saturn as well. Consequently, the human beings born below those signs can put on a natural blue zircon gemstone to advantage success in professional, monetary and private lifestyles. Indian astrology suggests blue zircon ratna for tula (libra) and vrishabha (taurus) rashi. Western astrology recommends blue zircon birthstone for cancer sign. Ascendants of gemini, virgo, capricorn and aquarius symptoms can also put on a blue zircon gem.

Blue Zircon Gemstone Benefits

World-over, blue zircon gemstone has involved human beings with its chic blue hue and mesmerising shine. After understanding the below noted metaphysical residences and restoration blessings of blue zircon, you will get greater inspired and could love to feature one to your collection.

Bestows marital bliss – venus is regarded because the planet of love and romance. Carrying blue zircon stone powers planet venus and thus promotes know-how and happiness in a single’s married life. In indian astrology, blue zircon gemstone is taken into consideration effective for human beings dealing with matrimonial difference and hole within the courting.

Brings wealth & prosperity – astrologically, it's miles believed that wearing a blue zircon gemstone advantages the character in gaining lifelong prosperity and monetary balance. It strengthens the venus in the horoscope and thereby ensures the go with the flow of wealth in the wearer’s lifestyles.

Tranquilizes disturbing mind – it is said that the presence of a weak or afflicted venus inside the horoscope can be a reason of a mind. Carrying a blue zircon gemstone positively effects the wearer’s existence via enjoyable the tensed nerves and bringing calmness and mental stability.

Boosts creativity & self-worth – a herbal blue zircon gemstone is taken into consideration appropriate for humans in innovative professions such as portray, writing, song and so on. It improves the man or woman’s self-self belief level in balancing mind and expressing themselves in a better way. Treatments bodily & emotional health – for the reason that historic times, blue zircon stone is understood for its robust recovery effects. It's miles often recommended to therapy sicknesses like asthma, hormonal imbalance, pores and skin sicknesses, infertility and hypersensitive reactions. Blue zircon gemstone is likewise taken into consideration beneficial for human beings dealing with despair, worry, tension etc.

Blue Zircon Gemstone Quality

Blue zircon is the most famous coloration of zircon gemstone on an worldwide stage. Its fascinating blue hue and attractive luster fit a wide range of jewelry uses. In japanese countries like india, this gemstone is likewise worn for astrological motives. Hence, ensuring the best of blue zircon is pretty vital. Foundation, colour, readability and cut should be checked cautiously earlier than purchase.

Origin – sri lanka, cambodia (ratanakkiri) and thailand are the fine-known assets of blue zircon. Some gem-first-rate blue zircons also come from the mines of burma (myanmar), mozambique, korea, tanzania and vietnam.

Shade – blue zircon colour tiers from light blue to robust blue and green-blue. Brilliant blue is the most popular shade. Typically, a dark blue zircon is preferred over a light blue zircon. Other off-shades like yellow-blue and blue-green zircon are of barely lower fine.

Clarity – blue zircon is a kind i clarity gemstone and is likely to be eye-clean. Maximum of the blue zircon display accurate transparency, therefore, even small impurities can disturb their splendor. Generally, the big size stones are expected to have a few flaws. That is the purpose why a flawless blue zircon in big length is quite precious.

Cut– blue zircon hardness levels from 6 to 7. Five on mohs scale. It way this gemstone is robust sufficient to stand towards any reduce. In gem market, blue zircons are without problems to be had in spherical, oval, coronary heart and other fancy shapes and cuts

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