About Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire (neelam stone) is a fairly precious, blue colored gemstone of the corundum mineral circle of relatives. Identified as the maximum effective and fastest acting gemstone in vedic astrology, it brings immediate wealth, repute and fulfillment in wearer’s lifestyles.

Who Should Wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone?

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Being related to the karmic saturn, blue sapphire is recommended for human beings undergoing tough segment of ‘shani sadhe saati’ or ‘dhaiya’ of their lives. When you consider that, its results are pretty strong and felt right away, neelam gemstone must be endorsed only by using expert astrologers and with a high-quality deal of warning.

Indian astrology prescribes neelam ratna for makar (capricorn) and kumbh (aquarius) rashi. Western astrology recommends blue sapphire birthstone for libra. Neelam birthstone can also be worn with the aid of gemini, virgo and taurus.

How to wear Blue Sapphire Stone?

Weight Minimum 1/12th of the body weight. E.g. a person weighing 60 Kgs can wear a 5-carat stone.
Color For best astrological results, bright medium to dark blue sapphire is highly preferred.
Metal Silver is highly recommended. Gold is usually avoided.
Finger Middle finger of the working hand.
Day & Time Saturday, after sunset is the best time to wear Blue Sapphire.
Mantra & Chanting Times Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah , ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः।
(108 times)

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Benefits

Blue sapphire (meaning neelam in hindi) is pretty popular and known as neelamani, indraneel, indraneelam, neela pukhraj etc. In the japanese global. People lend tremendous religion on this gemstone for its ability to remedy financial, professional and psychological troubles encountered throughout the tiring phase of shani-saadesati.

On the spot achievement in enterprise, jobs and impartial initiatives – saturn is thought to compensate the individual with just rewards. Experts or businessmen going through stagnancy in their careers, can spoil the deadlock and turnaround their fortunes right away by way of wearing blue sapphire.

Surging fortunes – one of the most profitable benefits of blue sapphire is the on the spot reversal of sliding fortunes. Neelam rashi ratan strengthens the weakened saturn, thereby blessing the person with ample possibilities to create and manage wealth.

Prolonged repute & reputation – be it a innovative endeavor or a political ambition, blue sapphire benefits the wearer by way of making his expertise and hard paintings identified through the relevant groups, bringing him reputation and fortune.

Reoriented discipline, patience and detachment – saturn is thought to inculcate subject in local’s life-style and makes him centered, determined and progressive towards paintings. Blessings of neelam gemstone are contemplated in the rewards received due to evolved work ethics of the wearer. Stronger thoughts, bones and senses – neelam blessings the wearer by healing his joint ache, gout and arthritis and retaining sensory organs in appropriate form. It tranquilizes the thoughts and relieves people of confusion, tension and depression.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Quality

Like different colored gemstones, high-quality of blue sapphire is measured by using collectively assessing its origin, colour, clarity and different factors like forte. Understanding what to search for permit you to purchase blue sapphire on line as according to your financial and astrological conditions.

Starting place– blue sapphires mines had been observed in kashmir (india), myanmar, sri lanka, madagascar, thailand and the usa. But, being royal blue and velvety in texture, kashmir sapphires are rated highest on the excellent scale. Ceylon blue sapphire gems also are considered to be of satisfactory first-rate. Other origin types like bangkok blue sapphires are darker in color and hence much less worth.

Shade– going through sapphire colour chart, ‘genuine blue’ is taken into consideration ideal (e. G. Cornflower blue sapphire) which is neither too violet or too red. Similarly, the stone have to be just enough bright and vividly saturated in order that it doesn’t look dull or too luminent. Majority of kashmir blue sapphires display these traits and therefore are extraordinarily treasured. But, great starts to drop if one or all three trends of colour matrix are compromised. In hindi, deep blue neelam gem stones are often referred as 'indraneelam' stone.

Readability– given their gemological composition, inclusions are typically ideal in sapphires. Seen inclusions in blue sapphire commonly exist as nice silk (needles), fingerprints and shade bands. Natural blue sapphires with out visible inclusions are rarely observed and therefore are exorbitantly luxurious. But, it's miles constantly recommended to buy licensed blue sapphire whether online or from reputed sellers to ensure a honest purchase.

Forte- Blue star sapphire – sapphires are regarded to exhibit ‘asterism’ in a six-ray famous person like style. A blue sapphire generating such an effect is called megastar sapphire. They have been discovered in sri lanka, australia, myanmar, thailand and sure parts of africa and south- east asia. Being opaque, blue big name sapphire rate relies upon on luster and perfection of the big name print that's great viewed under direct daylight via tilting the stone at unique angles. A properly-aligned six-ray radial can appreciably increase blue megastar sapphire’s value.

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