About Kashmir Sapphire (Kashmiri Neelam)

Kashmir blue sapphire is the best variety of blue sapphire, rather popular due to its ‘authentic’ blue hue and velvety texture. It was sourced from the Kashmir sapphire mines at some point of 18th century but due to immoderate mining, the mines were given almost depleted in early 19th century. Considering then, Kashmiri Neelam stone gained the reputation of an exceptionally rare and precious gem, favoured by means of extreme traders and creditors.

Kashmir Sapphire (Kashmiri Neelam) Gemstone Benefits

Blue sapphire or Neelam stone represents karmic planet ‘Saturn’ (Shani) in Vedic astrology. This gemstone is enormously endorsed for natives undergoing the difficult section of ‘Shani sade Sati’ or the ‘dhaiyya’ phase. This rapid-performing astrological gemstone is thought for its strong metaphysical residences and subsequently encouraged with an utmost warning. Being the finest range, a herbal Kashmir blue sapphire gemstone seems because of the best gem for Saturn. However, due to its exorbitant price, Kashmir sapphires are particularly bought by means of gem creditors or buyers.

Promotes expert increase - planet Saturn is understood for imparting the wearer just rewards. According to a historic notion, its superb energies help to dispose of the deadlock, and, additionally benefit specialists and companies dealing with expert stagnancy.

Blesses with popularity & reputation - as according to the astrologers, blue sapphire benefits the wearer via making his hard work and efforts identified by using the priority authority, bringing higher possibilities and correct fortune. Experts in innovative endeavour and politics can advantage most advantages of Neelam stone.

Reorients area & endurance - in sacred Vedas, Saturn is known for its gradual, steady and disciplined motion. Therefore, astrologers trust that sporting blue sapphire blessings human beings in staying decided, centred and revolutionary closer to their life goals. The blessings of Neelam gemstone are also pondered within the rewards received because the result of efforts integrated with the aid of the wearer.

Healing procedures bone, mind & sensory illnesses - in alternative recuperation treatment plans, Neelam gemstone is taken into consideration beneficial for patients tormented by joint pain, gout, arthritis or any sensory organ associated issues. It's miles believed that carrying Neelam benefits by stabilising thoughts, liberating strain, anxiety and confusion.

Kashmir Sapphire (Kashmiri Neelam) Gemstone Quality

Kashmir sapphire is an exceptionally treasured gemstone that exists in an extensive variety of satisfactory. This gemstone is judged by using analyzing its shade, clarity and cut. The finest specimen from Kashmir often displays great blue colouration with a velvety texture. But, it is not easy to locate Kashmir sapphire of such exceptional. This is because no new sapphires are coming from blue sapphire mines in Kashmir. Therefore, availability is quite constrained.

Shade - Kashmir sapphires are discovered in natural cornflower blue to extraordinarily darkish or palest blue shade. Top excellent Kashmiri sapphire stones endure deeply excessive blue colouration that's brilliant at the identical time. Gemologically, cornflower blue sapphire is regarded because the maximum sought-after variety due to its bright ‘pure’ blue hue intensified with the aid of its velvety texture. Royal blue Kashmir sapphire is the subsequent fairly favoured choice.

Clarity - Kashmir sapphire stones are indisputably diagnosed by means of its finest rutile needles (titanium oxide, tio2) that consequences in coveted tender and velvety sheen. These inclusions create a moderate lower in stone’s transparency which is nicely-compensated by way of its lovely hue. Such kind of inclusions is frequently seemed as the potentially helpful signs to decide their foundation and authenticity.

Cut - Kashmir sapphire gems are hardly ever determined in perfectly symmetrical reduce. Exceedingly fancy cuts are frequently prevented for commercial considerations like carat weight retention. Kashmiri sapphire stones, with a high-quality compromise between length and look, is taken into consideration most suitable.

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