About Khooni Neelam

Khooni Neelam (also called ‘raktambari neelam’ or ‘khuni neelam’) appears because the strongest and the most effective shape of blue sapphire (Neelam Ratna). It has a characteristic blue or crimson hue with a reddish glow. Some rare pieces may additionally have purple or red coloured spots or streaks in it that appears like tiny blood-photographs. This specific gemstone is stated to have staggering energies of two robust planets Saturn and mars which blesses the local with on the spot call, repute and riches. It is always endorsed to wear this gemstone after consulting a found out astrologer.

Who Should Wear Khooni Neelam Gemstone?

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Whilst human beings think about garnets, they typically think of a purple gemstone (pink garnet). The glowing inexperienced tsavorite (also referred to as ‘tsavolite’) is a stunning comparison to the creativeness of the garnet enthusiasts and people who respect inexperienced gemstone jewelry. It is precious for its hardness and rich inexperienced colour that makes it an thrilling gemstone to put on and paintings with. This majestic gemstone is now getting into the limelight as one of the most fantastically preferred jewellery gemstones of the sector. Besides its aesthetic attraction, some people praise this gemstone for its recuperation abilities as properly.

• Due to its reddish glow or the crimson spot found in this exclusive blue or purplish-blue sapphire, this gemstone is regularly linked with the planet saturn (shani grah) and mars (mangal grah). Some astrologers additionally partner this gemstone with rahu and recommend this gemstone only in uncommon saturn-mars or saturn-rahu conjunctions.

• Vedic astrology prescribes this gemstone for makar (capricorn) and kumbh (aquarius) rashi. (despite the fact that personalised recommendation ought to be taken prior use).

• It may also be encouraged to gemini, virgo and taurus after an in-depth analysis of the astrological chart or the beginning-chart.

Khooni Neelam Gemstone Benefits

while doing our research, we were surprised to peer the good sized number of patron searches related to ‘khooni neelam results’, ‘raktambari neelam blessings’ or ‘raktambari neelam ka labha’. It surely reflects the interest of the believers of gem remedy approximately khooni neelam astrology. It can additionally be their longing to discover the mystery of this (in)famous gemstone. As astrologers say, khooni neelam stone outcomes largely rely on the planetary alignment in the individual’s chart. It gives advantages similar to blue sapphire, however the way of manifestation may additionally vary.

Wonderful inflow of wealth – consistent with the shastras, blue sapphire gemstone has the capability to increase the cash go with the flow inside the wearer’s lifestyles. Thus, being its strongest form, a khooni neelam may be taken into consideration as the most tremendous astrological treatment to manage up with the economic strain. Immediately achievement in

commercial enterprise & activity – saturn is appeared as karma karka in astrology which means it blesses the local with honest rewards in their karma or deeds. Accordingly, it can be concluded that sporting khooni neelam stone advantages the person to benefit rapid growth in their enterprise ventures and unexpected merchandising of their process in lieu in their difficult work.

Extended repute & reputation – astrologically, this wonderful form of neelam may be considered as a gasoline for folks that are desirous of creating a career in films, modelling global, cricket or politics. As in line with the notion, the powerful energies of this gemstone help instant reversal of sliding fortunes and bring recognition and repute for the wearer.

Quick restoration from fitness woes – being a variant of blue sapphire, khooni neelam stone may additionally advantage the wearer in gaining true fitness, mental peace and spiritual attunement. Alleviation from the present illnesses (related to bones, enamel and so forth.) and protection from infections, accidents and negativity are regarded as different crucial advantages of wearing this gemstone.

Khooni Neelam Gemstone Quality

In the market, purple sapphire or the blue sapphire with diffused reddish overtone or pink inclusions are traded as ‘khooni neelam’. Before you purchase khooni neelam on line, it's far smart to find out about the first-rate elements you must check to discover the gemstone with a purpose to justify your astrological and financial needs.

Beginning – khooni neelam is hyped for its reddish blue hue or unique purple mark. Such nice sapphire can come from any mining place like kashmir (india), sri lanka, thailand, madagascar and the us. Considering the fact that a majority of pink sapphire or khooni neelam are yielded from sri lanka, it is able to be regarded as an important starting place variety.

Shade – as according to the haute records and tales, a natural sapphire with crisp purple or blue hue with a chic crimson glow (visible from sure angles) is appeared as a real khooni neelam. It's far essential to understand that no lab certifies a gemstone as ‘khooni neelam’. For a few, it’s a speculative time period coined after its specific coloration tone while for others it’s all a rely of deep trust and faith.

Readability – typically, the presence of eye seen flaws isn't preferred lots internal a sapphire crystal. But in case of a khooni neelam, obvious gems that show up a awesome purple mark or spot grow to be an increasing number of rare and valuable. Such unique portions are hardly ever found inside the marketplace (1 out of 10,000) and consequently valuable via the gem dealers.

Cut – an awesome reducing style helps extra light discipline within the gemstone and allows the stone to skip on most energy to the wearer. As a result, it's far usually encouraged to spend money on a khooni neelam which is smooth, lustrous and unfastened from surface aberrations.

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