About Pitambri Neelam

Pitambri neelam or neelambari is a valuable, bi-shade form of sapphire from the corundum mineral own family that contains yellow and blue hue in various proportions. Recognized because the aggregate of pukhraj (yellow sapphire) and neelam (blue sapphire) in Vedic astrology, pitambari stone is surprisingly advocated to be worn for monetary fulfillment, improved social fame, true fortune and a healthy body.

Who Should Wear Pitambri Neelam Gemstone?

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Pitambari neelam stone represents the aggregate of powerful yet gradual-shifting planets – ‘Saturn’ and ‘Jupiter’. Pitambari neelam gemstone is preferably worn to reinforce weak planetary aggregate of Saturn and Jupiter as well as to materialize maximum advantages if these planets are favourably positioned inside the Kundli.

On the grounds that pitambari Nila is an effective gemstone, astrologers prescribe this gemstone cautiously after an in-depth analysis of the horoscope and modern-day planetary alignments. Western astrology recommends pitambari neelam birthstone because of its robust recovery houses.

Pitambri Neelam Gemstone Benefits

Pitambari neelam is relatively a rare kind of sapphire that holds astrological traits of two essential Vedic gem stones – blue sapphire (neelam) and yellow sapphire (pukhraj). Endorsed cautiously while special yogas are present in the horoscope, this gemstone is highly relied on to carry the positive influences of both these gems within the wearer’s existence. Historically referred to as pitambari neelam, pitambari Nila or pitambari pukhraj, this stunning sapphire variety is gemologically termed as blue-green sapphire or bi-coloration sapphire.

Improves attentiveness & choice-making capability – because of its affiliation with slow-transferring planets - Jupiter & Saturn, it's far believed that carrying pitambari pukhraj blessings the native to acquire a disciplined, systematic and regular approach in life. Astrologers accept as true with that carrying pitambari neelam bestows the information from Jupiter and truthful judgement capabilities of karmic Saturn.

Blesses with fortune, reputation and recognition – denoted as karma dharmadhipati yoga or guru-Shani yoga in southern India, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn are considered extremely rare. Astrologers accept as true with that wearing pitambari neelam gemstone advantages for the duration of this yoga, by way of making the paintings and skills of the wearer, diagnosed through the relevant community. It also brings deserving rewards, wealth and cloth success in life.

Success in lengthy-term economic investments – the ones affected by monetary stagnancy, business failure or monitory losses are regularly recommended to put on a terrific first-rate pitambari neelam. It's miles strongly believed that wearing pitambari neelam stone blessings human beings to gain better go back on long-time period investments. It also allows the character to acquire higher manage over situations, with the aid of distinctive feature, of Saturn's karmic have an effect on.

Controls joint ache, diabetes & blood pressure – as in step with clinical astrology, carrying pitambari neelam results positively for human beings laid low with extending joint ache, diabetes and excessive blood stress. Pitambari neelam gemstone is thought for giving beneficial results in continual illnesses.

Pitambri Neelam Gemstone Quality

Origin, coloration and readability are the top factors influencing the first-class of a pitambari gemstone. It's far very critical to preserve these types of elements underneath attention before shopping for pitambari neelam gemstone to make certain a lovely purchasing experience.

Starting place – pitambari neelam is a relatively uncommon type of herbal sapphire that is resourced in a very restrained quantity from the sapphire mines of Sri lanka, burma, America, brazil and other east-Asian international locations. Among most of these origins, Ceylonese or Sri lankan pitambri neelam holds worldwide popularity due to its remarkable readability and exceedingly seen coloration zoning. It is also taken into consideration the maximum suitable variety for astrological use. Because of the truthful shade and readability, Burmese yellow blue sapphire is the subsequent maximum favoured preference.

Coloration – shade is an important aspect in evaluating a pitambari gemstone. The consistency, intensity and ratio between the blue and yellow color are what decides the stone’s typical well worth. Pitambari neelam gemstone with a better ratio of blue is often regarded as neelambari, however, if it's far majorly yellow with tints of blue then it's far much more likely to be advertised as pitambari. Each color holds its particular metaphysical importance but commonly a deep, shiny coloured pitambari neelam stone with prominently clean coloration zoning is considered most treasured.

Clarity – pitambari neelam hard typically contains inclusions like rutile silk, feathers and fingerprints which can be common in all sapphire gems. The consistency, location and volume of these herbal inclusions inside the pitambari neelam gem are what justifies its satisfactory. Minimum inclusions and higher transparency is regarded as an ideal mixture and is desired astrologically as properly.

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