About Red Coral (Moonga)

Red coral is a valuable, vibrant Red natural gemstone shaped in the deep sea via marine creatures known as coral polyps (corallium rubrum). It's far a famous astrological gemstone worn to treat mangal dosha and ensure achievement in leadership roles, sports, commercial enterprise and fitness.

Who Should Wear Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone?

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Associated with mars, a ferocious planet ruling courage, dedication and physical energy, red coral (that means moonga in hindi) is worn to bolster weakly located mars in native’s horoscope or to advantage from its favorable function. Astrologers advise munga ratan for mesh (aries) and vrischik (scorpio) rashi. Western astrology prescribes pink coral birthstone for aries. Moonga gemstone also can be worn through the ascendants of sagittarius, pisces, most cancers & leo.

Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone Benefits

Of all the styles of coral, pink coral is a long way greater popular because of its astrological relevance and is understood by using numerous names together with, ‘marjaan’, ‘sinduja’, ‘maheya’, ‘vidrum’, ‘praval ratna’, ‘musaragalva’, ‘latamani’, ‘mangalmani’ and so on. Sporting this gemstone can help the wearer emerge out of hard section of mangal dosha, greater smoothly and maturely.

Achievement in team control, administrative, management roles– related to aggressive planet mars, red coral stone blessings the wearer by way of refining his crew improvisation abilties. Acknowledged to inculcate determination, initiative and recognition, it is notably encouraged for human beings working in navy, police, sports or different professions wherein awesome deal of bodily and mental stamina is required.

Profitable real estate commercial enterprise – in vedic astrology, mars is recognized as the ‘bhoomi karaka’ ruling land and property. Accordingly, munga stone blessings human beings running in industries like actual estate, interior decoration, mining, oil exploration and bodily asset control industries.

Better digestive fitness & immunity – fitness advantages of Red coral surpass nearly every different gemstone because of its capability to repair digestive, circulatory and psychological health. It's also worn to boost immunity and intellectual awareness of the wearer.

Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone Quality

A high-quality fine Red coral comes from a reputed starting place, exhibits shiny red color with a clean, spotless, lustrous floor.

Beginning– italy remains the most famous beginning, handing over excellent excellent Red corals for extra than centuries. However, different places consisting of Japan, India, Algeria, U. S. A. And taiwan also are recognized globally for generating high first-class, natural Red coral gem stones. Australian and taiwan Red corals are more appropriate for jewelry purposes.

Colour– Red coral does not come in a wide variety of colorations but its colour may additionally fluctuate in depth. Its colour can vary from warm red to deep pink to deep red. However, ox-blood Red coral displaying bright red with secondary tint of orange is extra applicable in gemstone markets.

Readability– being an opaque and dusky gemstone, clarity in Red coral is judged through its surface markings, texture and lustre. Inclusions in pink coral may additionally arise as blemishes, black spots, groove pits or timber grain consequences. Excellent quality red coral is easy, lustrous and spotless or as inclusion-free as viable.

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