About White Sapphire

White sapphire is a fantastically obvious, colourless, precious gemstone of the corundum mineral family. Vedic astrology recommends this gemstone as an astrological alternative of the diamond. It's far worn to advantage fulfillment in a creative career, costly lifestyle, marital bliss and right physical health.

Who Should Wear White Sapphire Gemstone?

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White sapphire which means safed pukhraj in hindi represents the brightest planet ‘venus’. In line with vedic astrology, the presence of susceptible venus inside the kundli reasons monetary, expert and private issues. Its miles said that carrying a safed pukhraj strengthens venus in the Kundli and enables the local to conquer the susceptible situations of lifestyles.

Indian astrology shows safed pukhraj rashi ratan for tula (libra) and vrishabha (taurus) rashi.

Western astrology recommends white sapphire birthstone for cancer signal. White pukhraj stone can also be worn by using the ascendants of gemini, virgo, capricorn and aquarius signs.

White Sapphire Gemstone Benefits

White sapphire is a pleasant gemstone that compliments every earrings layout. In indian astrology, it's far believed that white sapphire gemstone includes the fantastic energies of planet venus. This gemstone is worn to benefit wealth, excessive self-esteem, suitable fitness and harmony in matrimonial relationships. This colorless sort of sapphire is often addressed by means of diverse other names which includes ‘shvet pukhraj’ in sanskrit, ‘white pukhraj’ or ‘safed pukhraj’ in hindi and ‘leuco sapphire’ in english.

Promotes financial & social growth – related to the planet of luxury and wealth, white sapphire gemstone advantages the wearer by way of improving his financial growth. It enables the wearer to hold his imperial lifestyle and social fame with the aid of bringing good possibilities and income assets. Improves imagination & creative method – planet venus guidelines over the native’s creative qualities and imagination energy. Astrologers agree with that wearing an amazing quality white pukhraj benefits human beings engaged in creative ventures. It helps the wearers to create, visualize and invent new ideas and mind.

Resolves marital conflicts & disagreements – it's far believed that the presence of weak or stricken venus causes problems in local’s marital life. Wearing safed pukhraj advantages the man or woman via restoring love and concord in the relationship.

Better reproductive fitness & immunity – in gem healing therapies, a white sapphire gemstone is said to have healing talents. Its restoration energies enhance the immune device and protect the wearer from numerous illnesses. Couples struggling to undergo progeny also can wear white pukhraj ratna to revitalize their reproductive fitness and restore fertility.

White Sapphire Gemstone Quality

Best of a white sapphire stone is defined by using its beginning, coloration and readability. For astrological purposes, a colourless white sapphire with most fulfilling transparency is considered maximum suited.

Foundation - some essential mines of natural white sapphire are located in sri-lanka, burma, australia, Thailand, Tanzania and Cambodia. Out of some of these origins, sri lankan or Ceylonese white sapphire seems because of the maximum sought-after variety because of its terrific readability and massive length. Burmese and thai sapphire are generally off-white in coloration and include slight yellow tints.

Colour – nearly 75% of the white sapphire gems produced are light brown or muddy in shade. Out of closing 25%, handiest 10% of the colourless sapphires qualify the gem quality. Consequently, it's miles little tough to discover an actually eye easy, natural white sapphire at a cheaper value. They're usually pricey than decrease great stones containing milky clouds or shade tints.

Readability – safed pukhraj stone is a kind ii gemstone in phrases of readability which means that it's miles in all likelihood to have some internal imperfections. Its clarity is judged by using the level of transparency and inclusions (its kind, density & vicinity on stone) and floor blemishes. In most cases, lesser is the wide variety of inclusions, greater precious could be the white sapphire natural stone. Honestly, eye clean white sapphires are difficult to discover. So, if you can discover such brilliant white sapphire in our stock, don’t omit the deal!

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