About Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow sapphire is a tremendously valuable, yellow colored gemstone of the corundum mineral circle of relatives. It is one of the most identified gems in Vedic astrology worn for expert fulfillment, marital bliss, advanced will power and wholesome progeny.

Who Should Wear Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone?

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Yellow Sapphire (pukhraj in hindi) is associated with Jupiter, the maximum powerful planet in Indian astrology. Earlier than wearing this gemstone, it's far important to make sure that Jupiter is favourably placed in local’s birth-chart. Indian astrology prescribes pukhraj gemstone for dhanu (sagittarius) and meen (Pisces) Rashi.

Western astrology recommends yellow sapphire birthstone for sagittarius. The yellow sapphire gemstone also can be worn with the aid of aries, cancer, leo and scorpio.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone Benefits

Everyday astrological popularity of this precious yellow gemstone has given it many names international over. Pukhraj stone (regarded in English as yellow sapphire), is also addressed as guru ratan, pushkaraj and pushparagam, kanaka pushyaragam and peetamani in Sanskrit.

Achievement in enterprise, jobs & lecturers – for the reason that Jupiter policies understanding and wealth, pukhraj ratan is depended on to restore fortunes in groups or jobs wherein outstanding deal of intelligence, creativity or practicality is needed like judicial offerings, teachers and alternate businesses.

Progressed monetary and social status – astrologers place high accept as true within it for bringing economic balance in local’s lifestyles. Improved will energy and wisdom main to rise in economic and materialistic wealth, is one of the fine consequences of yellow sapphire.

Fitness rejuvenation – wearing a yellow sapphire ring blessings human beings with the aid of improving their digestive fitness in addition to preventing ailments relating to liver and kidneys. It is also counselled to be worn when coping with sicknesses like jaundice and tuberculosis.

Marital and progeny bliss – pandits strongly suggest pukhraj for girls searching for matrimonial concord or are dealing with delays in marriage. As Jupiter additionally rules progeny, it's far worn by childless couples for revigorated fertility. Opportunity recovery – in alternate recovery treatment options, Jupiter is understood to drive or rule will chakra in someone’s frame. Carrying this gemstone turns on solar plexus and improves will strength and consciousness, helping human beings to behold their vision and materialize desires.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone Quality

Natural properties of yellow sapphire make it a desirable gemstone, metaphysically and aesthetically. To avoid getting duped by means of fraud dealers, one should thoughts the following tips while shopping for yellow sapphire on-line or from sellers.

Origin– sri-lanka, burma, thailand and australia are wealthy assets of natural yellow sapphires. But, Ceylonese yellow sapphire is unanimously popular for its readability and shade consistency, observed via burma yellow sapphire. Thailand, African or madagascar origins are much less famous because of poor colour awareness and excessive inclusions.

Shade– pukhraj stone colour covers many colours from faded to vibrant golden yellow, to inexperienced and orange. Yet, vivid yellow or lemon is the most proper colour both astrologically and aesthetically. It is found primarily in sri lankan or ceylonese yellow sapphires and less regularly in others.

Clarity– yellow sapphire tends to have fewer inclusions than different precious gemstones. However, inclusions can also nonetheless be a gift, closing invisible to the bare eye. When seen, those inclusions arise as feathers or fingerprints and may lower the price of pukhraj gemstone.

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