About Apatite cats eye

Apatite cat’s eye is a yellow to bluish inexperienced coloured, semi-valuable gemstone of the apatite mineral family. Instead of chrysoberyl cat’s eye, it's miles worn to beautify non secular recognition, monetary gains, bone fitness and fine power.

Who Should Wear Apatite cats eye Gemstone?

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Cat’s eye apatite is seemed as a effective gemstone because of its associated with influential planet ketu. This gemstone (often denoted as vaidurya or ketu ratna) is recognized for its extreme planetary energies and is known for blessing the wearer with on the spot effects. Astrologers propose this gem to bolster weaker ketu in addition to to derive high quality outputs from its benefic placement inside the horoscope.

Vedic astrology prescribes apatite cats eye for vruschika (scorpio) rashi. Ascendants of aries, leo, sagittarius & pisces sign can also put on ketu ratna.

How to wear Apatie Cat's Eye

Weight Minimum 1/10th of the body weight. E.g. A person weighing 60 kgs can wear a 6-carat apatite cat’s eye gemstone.
Color Yellow-green to honey colored apatite cat’s eye gemstone is considered most suitable for astrological purposes.
Metal Silver or panchdhaatu is highly preferred. Alternatively, white gold can also be used.
Finger Middle finger of the working hand.
Day & Time Tuesday, morning time is best.
Mantra & Chanting Times Om Kem Ketave Namah, ॐ कें केतवे नमः|
(108 times)

Apatite cats eye Gemstone Benefits

Aside from its unique colour and enchanting cats eye effect, the specific metaphysical homes and recovery powers is what distinguish apatite cat’s eye from relaxation of the gemstones.

Endows moral & spiritual method – in vedic astrology, ketu indicates detachment from the worldly desires. Therefore, ancient humans vicinity deep consider in ketu ratna to help human beings in staying away from unethical affairs and increases their non secular inclination.

Brings spontaneous outcomes & right fortune – appeared because the quickest appearing gemstone, cat’s eye gemstone is thought for giving on the spot results for one’s action. Astrologers strongly agree with that carrying apatite cat’s eye brings excellent success and presents maximum blessings to human beings engaged in horse racing, gambling and other speculative endeavors.

Heals eyes & frightened gadget related disorder – it's also believed that cat’s eye gemstone possesses numerous restoration skills. It's far worn to therapy constant body pain and problems associated with eyes and nerves.

Apatite cats eye Gemstone Quality

Origin, chatoyant band electricity, color and readability are the three-crucial element that ought to be checked cautiously before purchasing an apatite cat’s eye gemstone. When you consider that, this gemstone is broadly speaking worn for astrological cause, assuring the high-quality is quite critical for purchasing choicest effects.

Foundation– first-class fine apatite cat’s eye is resourced from the mines of sri-lanka, india, burma (myanmar), madagascar, tanzania, mozambique and brazil. Yellowish inexperienced cat’s eye apatite gems from sri lanka and brazil are taken into consideration to be of finest nice and notably preferred for astrological use. However, because of its extremely good blue hue, burmese cat’s eye is majorly worn. Chatoyant band energy & body color – brilliant and extraordinarily saturated yellowish inexperienced to honey-coloured apatite cat’s eye is considered because the maximum appropriate range. While coupled with first-class, narrow, silver or golden chatoyant band, the general cost of the cat’s eye shifts further north. Poor colour saturation, vague cat’s eye effect and the presence of sturdy color-zoning are symptoms of negative quality stones.

Readability– apatite cat’s eye is mainly much less transparent and extra translucent because of the presence of glaring rutile needle like inclusion. On the grounds that apatite cat’s eye is comparative greater delicate in assessment to different mineral sorts, its higher floor is extra sensitive in the direction of scratches that reduces readability and smoothness. Consequently, a loupe easy cat’s eye apatite is taken into consideration precious.

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