About Cat's Eye

Cat's eye (lahsuniya / vaidooryam / vaiduryam in hindi) is a semi treasured gemstone found in sunglasses of colors like gray, black, honey and yellowish Green.

Who Should Wear Cat's Eye Gemstone?

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Cats eye (vaidooryam) have to simplest be worn upon advice by an astrologer who has very well studied your horoscope. In vedic astrology, cat's eye is the gemstone for the legendary planet 'ketu' (additionally known as 'dragon's tail' as it's miles the headless lower frame of the shadow planet rahu). Cat's eye is worn to nullify the malefic consequences of ketu in one's horoscope.

Cat's Eye Gemstone Benefits

Cats eye stone benefits most at some stage in the dasa or the malefic segment of ketu, the headless frame of the shadow planet ‘rahu’.

Cats eye stone outcomes the fitness situations of its wearer undoubtedly. It's miles believed that surprising health related traumas requiring essential surgeries are often triggered because of the malefic results of ketu in one’s horoscope and carrying cat eye stone advantages in nullifying the poor outcomes of ketu.

Wearing cats eye results inside the boom of someone’s wealth and improves their monetary situations.

Cats eye gemstone benefits the business or the professional existence of its wearer. It's far recognized to revive declining agencies or financial ventures.

Cats eye protects its wearer from street accidents, envy in their foes, debts, poverty and other such diabolical situations.

Ketu is considered a non secular and spiritual planet. One of the benefits of sporting cat’s eye gemstone is that a person feels content material, indifferent from worldly goals and interested in spirituality.

Cat's Eye Gemstone Quality

Cat's eye is a completely unique gemstone and has been named so due to its placing resemblance to the attention of a cat. This resemblance is due to the phenomenon known as ‘chatoyancy’ displayed because of the presence of precise white traces at the surface of the gemstone that appear like mirrored image of light.

The pleasant of cats eye depends upon its cats eye effect, color and clarity. The stone need to have a smooth floor and be freed from spots and natural inclusions. The coloration need to be natural and uniform.

For astrological reason, the cats eye's satisfactory relies upon specially on the absence of spots and blemishes and much less on shade.

The cut and form of cats eye simplest has decorative significance and now not astrological. But, it is considered better to have a well polished and spherical surface.

The cats eye impact of a vaidooryam stone have to be as strong as feasible. Satisfactory of a vaidooryam stone is commonly dependant on the sharpness of its cats eye impact that have to circulate easily when the gemstone is turned around its axis.

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